ND5 XS Falt 61 after Firmware 4.8 update

Hi all,

ever since I have installed the Firmware 4.8 on my ND5 XS I keep getting the Fault 61 error and the kit stops dead.

Is anyone getting the same error? Any solutions?


Hi Salvo, yes fault 61 has been seen before, but I ‘m not sure with 4.8.
Whatever …… an old post from another update a reply from the Naim team said ……
“ Fault 61 signifies that the main processor cannot communicate with the streaming module.
…. it sounds like the upgrade failed for some reason.
The streamer part of the upgrade is performed via the network connection, so perhaps something interrupted it (hence why wifi is not recommended for running these updates.)
…… try re-running the upgrade, you may be lucky!
If not, it will probably need a new streaming card.”

Hi, thanks for the reply. The upgrade was done using the USB connection, but I did notice a fault on the first try. So maybe is as you say: I need to try the update once more and see what happens.


You must use the USB connection, it just won’t work without it.
The optional variation is ethernet or wireless to the streamer from your PC/Mac, ethernet being preferred.

Just explaining Mike’s point further, the firmware update is delivered partly through the USB connection and partly, the streamer part of the update in fact, over the Ethernet or WiFi connection. So making sure that your PC and your streamer are both connected to the network and the USB connection is also there is essential.

Re-running the 4.8 update is the way to go.

Thanks a lot.

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