ND5 XS - non fuctioning screen - and using the app


I have a loan of a ND5 XS with a defective sceen.

I am trying to use it with the naim App.

I understood that one could do anything that the screen could do (and more) but am struggling.

I want to turn on the digital out to feed a naim Dac… but there does ont seem to be any setting to do this (and I’ve llooked everywhere)

So is it the case that a ND5 XS with a broken screen is not fully functional via the app?

(same question on connecting it to wifi - cannot seem to find a setting in the app , hence ethernet connectable only?)

Many Thanks

You can’t do much without the screen, set up & changes are all via the remote & screen, the app changes are very limited.

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Hi , Just to agree with Mike B – I’ve double checked my app and I can only change the digital out by use of the remote and on-screen settings. I’m not sure there are any other options here. But good luck anyway-- someone here may know of a ‘hack’

The hack is to ask someone to tell you the button sequence from theirs.

Or send it back to Naim.

I’d give you a button sequence but my UQ2 screen died just before it’s 8th birthday.

Thanks for the replies.

I scanned the forum and found some guidance on the sequence of commands that might work and in conjunction with the Manual, I was able to get the digital out to work.

[It reminded me of a coprporate away day meeting I once went on where we had to do some driving of a Jeep whilst blindfolded and only relying on commands from a co-pilot driver…!!]

Hence, the display broken ND5 XS is now largely working and save the ability to use wifi (as this does really require the screen). However, I am using a wired Ethernet connection so this point is mute.

Given my research on this topic, and what seems to be a major problem with screens on these ND5 XS, I am amazed tha Naim do not simply expand the app to be able to alter all settings on the NS5 XS ?

Thanks again.

Of little help but this can be done on the new generation streamers.
Have you tried the webaddress of the streamer in browser? Usually you can setup the network this way both on my muso qb first generation and my new 555.
You can find the ip address used in the app under settings, about if you do not know what address is being assigned to the streamer.

Not much can be done, the ND5 has little CPU power & there are no workaround possibilities or any ways to link this to app or anything outside the existing screen>remote commands or the front panel buttons.
The step by step browse tree commands can be used - e.g. 3 down, 1 right, 4 down - its tricky but it can & has been done.
Nothing can be done in the streamer webaddress.

Bottom line is it needs to go back to Nain for a new screen, I understand the new screen that is installed are a different design that does not have this problem & includes new screen driver software/chip.
Not sure of the cost these days, but considering the resale price of an ND5 without a working screen ??

Thanks again…

I can decide to keep the Screenless ND5 XS for about €700 and since it largely works for what I need it for, I think I can live with this as being a un- resellable unit that I will keep until it finally fails. I expect I could find another fully working one which would likely be an extrate €300-€400 but would be again rolling the dice on that continuing to work.

I expect I could use this unit for a few years and use the savings to pay for TIDAL subscription… or am I mad?

I realise you aren’t in UK but Naim offer a screen replacement service for £140 plus courier charges.



Many Thanks David for this.

This is a new item of info which I have not seen anywhere on this forum.

I am sometimes in the UK so this would definitely be an option.

I expect that this is done via your dealer? Is there any formal announcement for this?


It is done through your dealer. There wasn’t a formal announcement that I saw, but it was confirmed here by @Naim.Marketing recently and furthermore my spare SuperUniti is currently in Salisbury for a screen swap and the price of the OLED replacement service was confirmed by my dealer with a phone call to Naim less than a week ago.



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