ND5 XS or legacy streamer analog output configuration with no display

HI, it’s been a while since i have been on here.

I have an ND5 XS and I want to enable the analog output to provide a feed to a second amp in the room next door. Issue is, the display has gone so I can’t see what I am doing! There is no functionality in the Naim app to configure outputs.

Firmware is 4.7, the latest available for this model as I understand it. If anyone has a few moment to guide me I would be very grateful starting with the settings button on the remote perhaps, e.g.

Settings, down, down, enter, down, down, enter! (to locate the menu and the option that enables analog DIN and RCA outputs simultaneously).

Thanks in advance to anyone who has a few moments to help.


I’m sure someone will be able to give you the presses needed but it’s worth pointing out that you should not use both outputs simultaneously if you don’t want to reduce sound quality. You are better taking an analogue output from the preamp, or getting another streamer and using multiroom.

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I agree with HH that this is not the ideal way to run two systems, although it will work. However, I’m not sure the line out will be able to drive a long interconnect into another room, so maybe best to check with Naim about this, depending on the required cable length.

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Thanks, will try the pre out from my 202. Line is less than 5m so should be ok.

All the best.

Actually the presses would also be useful if anyone does get a chance. Thanks again.

You should be able to do this with reference to the manual.
Press the spanner to get into settings menu
3rd option is analogue output settings, so press down twice.
Youll then get to this. I assume there is a select button to cycle through the 4 options.
Pressing spanner again you will exit the settings menu.

I’ve run through this in my nd5xs.

Settings spanner (buttons illuminated)

d, d, d, d, ok, ok,

The options here are:


So to go from disabled to din+phono:

d, d, d, ok

Setting spanner x 2 to exit.

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It still absolutely stuns me really that naim sells premium products whose screens seem to foul up after a few years. Totally unacceptable really and expensive for a customer to get replaced . Even the lights on amp products and power supplies the front bleed…just crazy


Thanks for this.

Thanks so much for this.

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