Nd5 xs power issue


Hoping someone can assist with current issue on my nd5xs, currently connected via mains cable (no external power supply) and have power supply link in rear, keeps coming up with ‘Two PSU’s, unplug and turn off for 10 mins’

I have unplugged and shut down multiple times with no success?

Is this a new setup or were you using it with an external PS ?

I take it you have the correct (ND5XS/NDX) link plug ?

I purchased it second hand and have the correct link plug in

I’d power off, pull the link plug out and push it back in again a few times and make sure it’s secure, then power back up. If it keeps doing it then either it’s a faulty link plug or a problem with the unit itself which will need a trip back to Naim.

Edit - might be worth having a look at this thread

Yeah I read that one but it doesn’t say what rectified the issue, I think it may be faulty.

That’s a shame. Hope you get it sorted (unless you can return it as it’s faulty)

In the end, it was a ~$500 repair to replace some board that went bad. I ended up selling it when it came back from repair and have a NDX2 now.

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