ND5 XS Radio Self-Starts After Firmware Update

I recently updated the firmware on my ND5 XS to version 4.7 and the radio has started to switch itself on intermittently again.

In the past, on a previous firmware version, the radio would switch on to one of the preset stations and play continuously (often in the middle of the night).

With firmware 4.7, the radio switches on for a few seconds to a random, non-preset, station - a few minutes ago it appeared to be Japanese - and stops. This happens almost every day.

Has anybody else seen the same behavior since the latest firmware update?

Not me. Block the front of the ND with a piece of wood overnight - this will ensure no stray remote signals are reaching the ND. See what happens.

Maybe a factory reset does help after the update?

The last part of the firmware update is a factory reset, no?

At the end of the update process the PC/Mac screen says it’s facory resetting but it does not actually do that, only a restart.
If you do a manual factory reset, be aware it resets all your personalisation changes back to factory default so please be sure to make a note of all of them before the reset. Also iremember it affects some of the app settings such as iRadio favourites, playlists & component renaming that are stored in the ND (Streamer) so note these as well.

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