ND5 XS with XP5 XS vs ND5 XS 2

My current ND5 XS is currently waiting to go back to NAIM to have the very dimmed display replaced and after initially looking at an upgrade NDX 2, I feel that £5500 is a step to far and with initial trade in price for my two items of £1500, makes it a bitter pill to swallow as well. So I thought is there any audible advantage of trading in both ND5 XS & XP5 XS to purchase an XS 2? Obviously I know there is a technology advantage, but adding a separate power supply to the original ND5 XS upgraded the unit substantially IMHO. Thank you Steve.

Having had the ND5XS with and without a very good external DAC, it is a good unit.

The NDS I replaced it with is in a different league and may be worth going for instead depending on budget. Then you’ll need a 555PS to power it ideally.

The NDX2 sounds very good and has the latest streaming platform. With a 555PS it’s an excellent choice. And of course it doesn’t need an external power supply.

The ND5XS2 is going to be better than the ND5XS. Latest streaming platform. Many say it sounds great with an external DAC which could be a good option rather than keeping your power supply. Something like a Qutest or Naim NDac.

If you sell your ND5XS and XP5 XS you’ll get more on auction markets than trade in. Then look at buying used ND5XS2. Or a used NDX2.

Other option is used NDX. And use that with an XPS2 or XPSDR or 555PS.

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I was exactly where you are and decided to purchase an NDAC which I have connected to the XP5XS with the ND5 XS powered by its own internal supply. Works well and sounds pretty good, I use it to stream Qobuz and local content using Bubble UPnP on my NAS with Linn Kazoo as the control point.


If you have a decent dealer then a demo of your own kit to the ND5XS2 should provide the answer.

A cheap upgrade would be to add a couple of Naim Power line Lite cables. I’ve upgraded all of mine and it was relatively cheap (for Naim😉) and made a significant improvement.

The addition of a Naim nDAC is more expensive but a bigger improvement still :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m in the same position - ND5XS with XP5XS (I also think the XP5XS is a significant upgrade), and my screen needs replacing.

The ND5XS2 appeals, primarily because of the newer tech, but in reality I don’t subscribe to any of the additional services (yet) so a switch wouldn’t benefit me unless it’s a significant step-up sonically. I recall a review by Andrew Everard where he pitched the ND5XS + XP5XS above a bare NDX. I’ve never heard an NDX but I believe him :slight_smile:

Please post your findings if you ever get 'round to comparing against an ND5XS2.

I will try and do this, just out of curiosity Wayne. Thanks for the reply

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Hi, I too had a ND5XS with a XP5XS before upgrading to an NDS but initially using with the XP5XS, which gave a significant improvement over the ND5XS. The capabilities of the NDS weren’t realised until a 555DR replaced the XP5DR, it served for some time.
And remember a NDS can serve in a Roon based system so overcoming the limitations of older streaming board (i.e. using the NDS for the wonderful DAC and output board).

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