ND5 XS2 Automation query

Hi everyone.

I have looked through the forum around system automation and cant find anything specific to my issue. My XS2 is connected to my Nait XS3 via 3.5mm jack and DIN cable. I have system automation set and preamp is on classic. Auto default setting is preamp 1 but for the life of me I can’t get the volume control to work via the app or via spotify etc. Spotify shows the volume going up but no change. Is there anything obvious I am missing in the settings.

Streamer sounds great and really pleased with it just a bit frustrated with the volume control aspect

Any help appreciated cheers Dave

Mine looks like this in the App settings

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Thanks for the reply, yeah that’s exactly the same as mine which is mad. I get the volume controls up on the track screen but they dont do anything. I am on Android app but not sure if that makes a difference. Looked in other settings and there is one for slide bar control and one for allowing your device volume buttons to control volume. but makes no difference if these are selected or not.

Mine is a 3.5mm jack to jack from the IR out on the streamer to the rc5 socket, not din. If you have an rc5 socket on your amp, that is what you should be using, not din. Looking at a-pic, there is a socket labelled remote in, which i suspect is a jack socket for automation.

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System Automation can only use +/- buttons, so if the slider is even showing as an option in Settings I suspect you don’t have it set up correctly.
As Gazza says, the connections on both of your devices use a 3.5mm jack, not RCA, so I wonder if you are using the wrong sockets?

The ND5 to XS3 interconnect is a 3.5-3.5 & it connects to the Nait XS3 in the ‘Remote In’

You just beat me to my edit👍You are correct as usual Mike.

I think he’s using 3.5mm jack both ends for the remote control, and din to din for the sound.

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This is exactly how its set up DIN for sound 3.5mm for IR connection on both are correct.

Unless anybody has suggestions a call to Naim or dealer.

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Yeah. I think that might need to happen. Tried the app on two phones on different Android OS and its no different. Might try a reset on the streamer.

Daft question is the ND5 connected to the xs3 analogue socket 1, if not change the preamp number in the software to the correct input.

Its connected via DIN socket which I assume is analogue 1. Although I have no idea if it is. Assume its preamp1 in the settings but i have went through them all

It should probably not matter, but is your app up to date? It was an error in previous Android app versions that it showed the “volume slider” option in the settings although the system automation was enabled. It’s an error because system automation works only with volume +/- buttons, no slider. This issue is now fixed in the current app version, i.e., the volume slider option disappears when you enable system automation.

Does it just show the “volume slider” option in the settings, but the actual volume controls are +/- buttons? Or do you actually see a volume slider when you enable the setting?

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I can see the option to select the slider but get the - /+ option. Only downloaded the app on Monday. Checked on the play store and there is no update. I have double checked all connections and they are correct. Might try a different cable for the IR tomorrow but know it works as its the one from my Chromecast.

Weird. I reported this wayward setting to Naim and it surely was fixed. What does it say in Settings > About > App version? It should be 2.20.0.

But if you have +/- volume buttons even when “volume slider” is checked in Settings, then the system automation seems to be enabled correctly (I.e., even a visible and checked volume slider setting simply does nothing in this case)

Yeah thats the app version. Does everything else except the volume. The lack of an in depth manual is also bizzare for the prestige brand. Its not the end of the world, just want it working no I know its having issues

So weird. I have system automation enabled and this is what Settings > Other Settings looks like (i.e. no volume slider option):

Yes, the lack of an up-to-date system automation manual is annoying, Naim is aware of the feedback :slight_smile: But I suppose the expectation might be that the dealer should set it up or help.

Sorry I meant bottom bar volume control is what I have also. For me the dealer has a duty of care and mine have been great but the buck stops with Naim. The prestige brand not providing instruction or a decent online pdf is laughable. Like I have mentioned though its not the end of the world

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At least no new app problem :smiley:

Be aware that despite the option, the volume buttons in the bottom bar may not appear on (all?) phones, they don’t on mine, too narrow in portrait mode. So the buttons are only visible on the play queue screen, after you tap the currently playing album in the bottom bar. (The volume buttons are shown in the bottom bar on a tablet).

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