ND5 xs2 continual dropouts from the Naim App

Anyone else with this issue? I have a new ND5xs2 connected via UPnP WIFI to my BT smart hub and Mesh system. When listening with the ND5xs2 the Naim app (OIS) keeps dropping the streamer. The streamer can still be playing music files at the time even though its missing on the app. Sometimes I can get it back by changing my OIS device from say my iPhone to an iPad but after a while it often drops off the second device as well. Whilst the app is constantly dropping the streamer I still see both my Core and also muso qb2, neither of which I loose. They are situated in another two parts of the house.

I have considered the WIFI signal strength in the streamer room, but if it’s a WIFI issue why will my music still play both via tidal and also from my Core? I have upgraded the cables linking the Core to the smart hub and also the hub to the main Mesh disc, but still have similar issues. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, again have the same problem with the app dropping the streamer. I have stay connected selected and DHCP selected. I run a vpn on both devices but if thet may be a problem it does not explain why my core or muso qb2 don’t drop out on the app when I am in the streamer room.
Clearly with the Naim ND5xs2 totally dependent on a working app it’s a major issue for me.
Any advice appreciated.
Software on ND5xs2 is 3.0.2 and app version 5.14.2

Turn the VPN off and see how it goes from there.

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I’m getting the same with NDX, iOS on iPad. It happens at odd times, sometimes a few times per day, other times every few days.
For me it started just over a month ago when I moved from an out of date beta test app to the Apple Store release app, that’s now 5.14.2.
When it does go off, playing from NAS or iRadio it keeps playing for as long as the album lasts or nonstop with iRadio.
It takes sometimes a single touch to find the room, sometimes it needs multiple attempts, even an app reset.
I’m sitting about 2m from the hub & that gives me an in garden range of 35+m, so it’s not signal strength. I’ve done all the reboots, resets, renew leases & reinstalls that I can think of, no change.
I’ve reported it to Naim, so far no response. I advise to be patient, hopefully it will not be too long for a fix.


This may be because your WiFi signal is too weak where your streamer is to give a reliable connection. It keeps playing because of the large buffer in the ND5 XS2. You could prove this by temporarily connecting the ND5 XS2 by a cheap ethernet cable to your router. (You can get them for very little on eBay).

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I’m getting exactly the same problem as Mike-B on my Uniti Star with iOS on iPad. Symptoms identical. Tried all the same resets etc. Any response from Naim?

Yes Naim are aware, the problem is tied in part to the release of iOS 13 software, they will be doing something in the next app release.

Mike-B. Thanks for your reply . Looking forward to next app release.

I wouldn’t put any faith in an ISP router.

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My BT Hub has no issues. Whether that’s streaming hires music or 4k video.

All OK on my Sky Q router as well. Streams hi res music to NDX2 while streaming 4K HDR via Netflix in one room and Sky 4K (allegedly) upstairs - all with no problems.

I think that’s a slightly unfair generalisation. Sure, if you go for the cheapest deal you can get, the bundled router might be poor, depending on what you want to do with it. Some have improved considerably in the last couple of years, no doubt to cope with the increased demands of multi-user households, 4K TV, etc.

There are two wifi conversations here… there’s the tablet/app talking to the ND5 and then there’s the ND5 talking to music stream. Just because one doesn’t work doesn’t mean the other will also not work. Your issue is the rubbish wifi link from the tablet. Obviously the wifi (I assume you are using wifi) link to/from the ND5 to the music stream is fine because it carries on playing. So you need to look into the rubbish tablet wifi. Note that the wifi capabilities of tablets/phones are compromised by the desire to fit it all into a small housing.

Actually this isn’t quite true for new platform streamers like the ND5 XS2. They download the whole track into a buffer and you can disconnect the streamer from the network and it will keep playing until it gets to the end of the track. So the situation needs interpreting with care…,


Yes but either way the wifi to/from the NF5 is okay… otherwise it wouldn’t be able to download the track from the server. If playing an album then the complete album track list is sent to the player and, from that point on, the player simply talks to the server.

That’s true, at least for many regular 16/44 tracks. If they are long, or hi-res, they are often too big for the 50MB buffer, in which case they will still continue to load as the track plays.

Sure, but if there are short breaks in the connectivity, then they won’t necessarily affect the playing of a track. Anyway I mention again my earlier suggestion of a cheap ethernet cable to temporarily connect the streamer to the router/switch.



Nel mio caso sono diversi giorni che Radio Paradise e Radio Paradise Mellow si fermano di tanto in tanto per 1/2 secondo e poi riprendono. A volte non ascolti fino a quando nd5 xs2 si spegne. È un fastidio! Questo problema per circa 3 settimane …

Your post reminds me, I too have also had the nuisance 1 to 2 second silence drop outs with RP, or at least I’ve only noticed it with RP.
Last Saturday a.m. I was getting 1 or 3 events every hour, whereas on Sunday I did not hear the same problem. Today I have a BBC station & no problems, but I’ve just retuned to RP & had a dropout within a few minutes, so it does look like a possible problem.
Maybe some info for Naim’s @Stevesky

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