ND5 XS2 cutting out/stops working

I’ve recently purchased the ND5 XS2.
I have it plugged into my router and I am using RCA outputs to my NAC 202 powered with a NAP 250 and HiCap2.
Everything was working fine and sounding great until recently where it has been shutting down. When it does shut down, I can still see the power is on, but the naim logo light is not on and neither is the wi fi light. There is no signal either.
This has been happening regularly.
I have reset it, unplugged it, tried everything.
It does restart again when I unplug it and wait a minute and is ok. The within 5 mins to 40mins, it shuts down and stops sending its wi fi signal and there is no light on the logo. See photo.
Any thoughts ? It’s like there is a short circuit of some description despite the power still being on.
The amps work fine, have them hooked to other equipment and all working normally.
Anyone have a similar experience or any ideas ? I’d appreciate it
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Hi, that sounds like a faulty unit to me. I think you need to call your dealer and arrange to have it fixed.

I agree, if you are listening to music, and it goes into standby on its own then there is a fault with it.
Obviously if not using to playout after a while it will go into standby unless you tell it not to. (Settings//Other Settings/Auto Standby Time)

Sounds like a fault, your dealer probably carries stock, a quick call from your dealer to Naim, should get them swapping your unit for a new one.

I assume that like other Naim boxes, the green Naim logo should always remain illuminated when powered up, so if it goes off, something must be wrong. Or are the new streamers different in this respect?

Are you sure it’s not just the app standby settings? I think my Nova enters standby after a given period chosen in the app regardless if its playing or not, it behaves a bit like the sleep mode on a radio alarm clock

Thanks, I think that’s what I’ll do

Thanks Gazza, will do

No, I’m afraid. The app stand by is turned to ”never” I’ve changed it to different times, but no success.

No, on the new streamers (NDX2 and ND5XS2) the logo goes out when in standby, and only the power button is softly illuminated.

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Hi Simon, thanks for the advice. I’ve checked the stand by modes. I’ve had to pull the plug out to get it to operate. When I plug it back in and it reconnects to the internet, I can then access the app. I’ve altered the stand by mode to never turn off. Even after doing that, the streamer just turned off ! It does so with a click (like the one you hear when it turns on).

Then I am afraid it sounds like you have a fault. Best contact your dealer to get sorted.

Hi @naimnewuser, any updates? Did you contact your dealer yet? Good luck and I hope you get a good result soon.