ND5 XS2 cutting out/stops working

Hi @naimnewuser, mine was also brand new straight from the box but the build date was April.

A generic problem with the ND5XS2 when playing to digital out, which my dealer replicated on their own demo unit.

The ND5 XS2 goes to sleep as per the Naim App settings, when it is active and is playing from a digital input source e.g. Naim Core, and refuses to reset and start playing again unless the digital source (CD or Core) is reset as well . This ONLY happens when playing to digital out ; in the analogue out mode it does not go sleep if the streamer is active.

This has been reported back to Naim by the dealer.

Does the ND5XS 2 not come with a DIN to DIN cable?


Yes, mine did. I purchased high end RCA Nordost cabling and switched input through the app.

This sounds like a known firmware fault with all the new Naim streamers (inc NDX2 and ND555). This has been fixed in later beta firmware which should be being released shortly. Yes it was irritating.

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