ND5 XS2 digital input problems

I have problems in ND5 XS2 digital input, there is no sound output no matter I connected to BNC or RCA digital input. I had enabled both digital input from Naim App configuration, switched between these 2 inputs, done a factory reset, but still no sound transferred from the digital inputs.

My ND5 XS2 is connected to Supernait1 via Naim original cable to SN1 analogue input. To play Tidal, AirPlay, USB & uPnP from a NAS from ND5 CS2, everything goes fine. I love the sound from ND5 XS2. So, I tried to connect My Micromega stage4 CD digital out to ND5 XS2 digital input, but there is no sound output. I confirmed the selection on the APP is selected correctly. The same CD with cable feed to SN1 digital input, the sound is running ok without problems, but ND5 XS2 not.

So, I make a factory reset(still using WIFI), but still not working. I will try factory reset again with app reset, and use Ethernet cable instead to try again.
This ND5 XS2 is a used one from trustable source, just over warranty period (1 year here), 1st user connected to DAC and never feed Digital input. No ideas if this problem existed long time ago.

Is anyone had experience of the same problems?
Looks like that I have to send to dealer for repair.

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Are you using the same cable to connect to both the SN1 and the ND5XS2? I know you have enabled the inputs on the ND5XS2, but it’s always worth checking. The RCA coax is input 3 and the BNC is input 4. Make sure you have the green tick illuminated.

Then touch the back arrow at top left and go back to the main screen. Digital 3 should show at the top.

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Hope you get this sorted.

If it works with SN1 then at least you know the transport end is operational.

We tried our Stage 4 into nDAC and it sounded mighty fine! Better than the Micromega DAC we’d been using since 1998.

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Thanks for advice.
You gave me a good direction that what if the digital input icon and naming is different to it should be.

So, I enabled all 4 digital inputs and check again. Finally, I found, the name BNC and RCA is actually SPDIF, and SPDIF1,2 is actually BNC and RCA. It should be someone changed the name, but named wrong positions.
So the issue is solved.
Thanks for your helps and recommendations.

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So how does it sound into ND5XS2?

We found the Stage 4 to be, despite age, a pretty decent transport.

That’s great, I’m so pleased the advice was helpful.

Don’t forget that you can turn off those inputs you don’t use, and rename those you do. So if the Micromega is connected to digital 3, you can rename it CD, call the nas Stream, and so on. It keeps everything neat and tidy.

Yes, it’s an upgrade.
It’s late here, limited to do some test.
However, still can hear that ND5 XS2 give more details and better dynamics than Micromega stage4.
I am happy with my Stage4+ ND5 XS2+SN1+Hicap DR+ Harbeth HL5 ES.

My stage4 is from 1999, had replaced plastic gear and driving belt of CD tray. Besides that, everything goes fine. It’s good unit, and also good enough for me to drive my earphone sometimes.

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Yes, I had rename it, good flexibility with Naim app.
Thanks for advice.

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