ND5 XS2 Digital Out + Externa DAC

Hello All, I’ve just connected an external DAC between the ND5 XS2 and a 282. I am running BNC to BNC/rca adapter from the ND5 XS2 to the DAC. From the DAC it’s RCA stereo to 5 pin DIN on the 282 CD input. I gots no sound. I’ve used the app to switch on the Digital BNC output for the streamer, and I’ve tried changing to the CD/input 1 both using the app and the button on the front of the 282.

I read there was/is a firmware issue with the sleep mode killing the digital out. The remedy is a hard reset; so I’ve done that as well. Still no sound. I am able to get sound by switching to the DIN output of the streamer that is directly connected to the 282 aux2 in. Firmware is updated. The sleep mode in the app has been shutoff.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!

Do you need to set something in the menu to enable digital output? That vaguely rings a bell from when I had an ND5XS(1).

It sound like you are setup correctly but i’m just wondering if you’ve got the right RCA to DIN cable. You could try this cable on the RCA outputs of the ND5XS2 (switch to RCA out) to rule out the DAC.If still no sound then I suspect the cable is wired as an output cable rather than an input cable.

Does the DAC have any way of indicating signal lock on the input? All DACs I’ve had over the years have had some way of indicating they are successfully receiving a digital input stream (whether that be by way of menu/display or lights etc.)

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Thanks guys. Some more info, the DAC is also a headphone amp. I’ve plugged in headphones and I get sound. Now I know the connection from the streamer to the DAC is good. Can now focus on the DAC to 282 situation. I’ve tested going stereo RCA from the streamer to the 282. That does work, so the RCA cable is good.

Ok so you’ve ruled out the cable and the DAC is working via headphones. What DAC is it ?

Has the RCA input been assigned, and not the DIN? If so, you need to reassign the DIN as the input to be used before it will work.

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DAC might need configuration to turn correct outputs on then? I’ve had similar in past where analog outputs are not on by default, or the balanced outputs are on and not RCA etc.

Got it working via the aux2 input, and the tuner input. I think I’ve got myself and the system confused between my selecting inputs using the 282 buttons, and the input settings inside the app. I proved that the cables are good and I can get it to work. I just need to play with the settings inside the app so I can switch between the onboard ND5 XS2 dac, and the external DAC. Thanks for helping out. I should be ok after messing with the inputs.

Possibly, but I meant the input assignment on the 282. If you have a spare RCA to RCA cable you can try this to see if the RCA to DIN is the problem.

I am sorted. Using the app, I can select between DIN out+ input 6 to run from the streamer to the 282, and BNC out + input 2 to run from the streamer to the DAC to the 282. Woot!


Out of interest, @james_n asked, what is the DAC

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