ND5 XS2 goes into standby and can't start

This sounds like a fault and I should send the kit back but thought I would post in case of user error. Just bought an ND5 XS2 and connected it to my 25 year old Nait 3 and was working great for about 4 hours then part way through a track I heard an audible mechanical click and the music stopped. The power button is lit green, but the naim logo is not lit and there is no led light for the network light. Hence can’t detect through the app. Also when pressing the power button it won’t restart/respond.

I left it over night and it powered back up this morning and started playing but the same thing happened again.

Anything obvious?
Thanks in advance.

That doesn’t sound right. As an aid to fault finding you could set it in the app to “never” go into standby. If that solves it then you know that what is happening is that it is going into standby…


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Is it wired or on WiFi?

I assume you did a system reset at the back of the unit?

wired…but no network light so even when you press the power button it doesn’t even flash orange to try and find the network.

no - how do you do this?

    1. Ensure that the ND5 XS 2 is switched on.

The ND5 XS 2 cannot be in a standby mode to perform the reset. For more information, see the “What are the different Power modes” topic.

    1. Locate the Reset switch on the rear of the ND5 XS 2.

Warning: This will reset the music database and will delete all favourites and playlists. However it will not delete the music on your music stores.

    1. Use the Pin Hole reset tool to press and hold the Reset switch (for at least 10 seconds) until the Network Indicator LED changes to Orange.
    1. Your ND5 XS 2 has been reset and will start again in standby mode. The reset process will take about 30 seconds.

Press the power button to turn the ND5 XS 2 back on.

(I’ve had cases, when Nova lost WiFi and went into sleep; but even then it should wake on power-press.)

thanks - right now that won’t work because it’s not switched on (it’s some deep sleep/standby mode). If I can it get it on then will give this a try.


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