ND5 XS2 issue

I have an intermittent issue with my nd5 xs2 and was wondering if it is common.

Basically every now and then I’ll be playing a track and the app will stop working. The volume control will work but any controls relating to the track stop, and I won’t change the track if you select something different. Turning off the streamer doesn’t help as the stuck track simply continues when you turn it back on!

The only fix seems to be to unplug and replug, which is annoying.

Anyone else have this?

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I’ve had my Nd5xs2 for a little over 6 months, and this happened to me for the first time last weekend. Like yourself I had to unplug my streamer and all has been good since. This is the first issue I have had other than the radio servers going down once.
At the time I just put it down to a glitch because everything had been rock solid.

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Yes, I have a one month old NDX 2 and have been experiencing the same ‘freezing’ after two/three days of use. The remote becomes useless, the track keeps playing and the only fix seems to be to reboot the box by unplugging.

I’ve been reading about the screen freeze issue that seems pretty common with the new streamers. Maybe connected to that issue?

As mentioned infinitum everywhere, I’m tired of all these issues. Proven not be anything other than app issues. If Naim aren’t swift, this will be they’re undoing IMO.

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Yes I agree that sometimes the app locks up and can be frustrating, especially more so with Tidal. Resetting or closing down the app and signing back in normally cures things I find. No need to pull out any wires.

I never experience any problems local streaming from a NAS device, just mainly Tidal.

I have the same issues, but with tv too. It’s due to the crap Ethernet of my house. If you encounter that once or twice per month, it’s not a problem.
If everyday , you should write to Naim or contact your dealer.

Thought this was just me and it’s been driving me crackers.

Playing Tidal via the App - it seems to be if I choose an album to listen to it will then freeze and I can neither access the track(s), stop the music or do anything. I’ve tried uninstalling and reloading the app in the hope that will cure it 0 it doesn’t for me.

I’ve tried turning the streamer on/off and still the problem persists.

I’ve found that if I turn everything off, leave it for an hour or so the problem clears - it’s massively frustrating.

Best to report directly to Naim, otherwise they will be unaware of the problem or scale of the problem…they do not read these posts usually.

Thanks @Gazza think mine is def an app/tidal issue.

I’m going to monitor a little longer and if it persists, will contact the dealer/naim.

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