ND5 XS2 leave it on standby or turn it on

Hello, I’m looking for advice on whether or not to leave it on rather than standby.
For me if it is in standby it takes at least 20 minutes before having a correct sound.
Do you leave it on on your side?
thank you in advance

Save energy, put it on standby … better for the environment and the elektricity bill :wink:

My NDX2 goes into standby and when it wakes up it sounds fine immediately. It has an SMPS to keep it ready to go and the effect you are hearing may be in your head. Just do what you want, but in these days of global warming it makes sense to do what we can.

Yes same here with my nd5xs2. Automatically goes into standby when I stop listening and starts immediately when I click on the Naim app on my iPad. Never noticed sound change after 20 minutes. That suits me but understand some may prefer to save planet by switching off completely.

With these new streamers there are two standby modes. The one that it goes into automatically or when you short press the off button is Network Sleep. A long press of the off button gives you Deep Sleep. But you have to turn it on from Deep Sleep with the front panel button. That is the mode that saved the most power of course. For NDX2 Naim says typically 19 W in use, 2W in Network Sleep and 0.5 W in Deep Sleep. In Network Sleep I don’t think the small SMP power supply is used actually.


I wake my ND5XS2 up from standby every time I come to play some tunes.

I have not noticed any sonic change after 20 mins (or any other quantum of time).

I dont notice a change with my ND5 XS2 after coming out of standby either.

As others have mentioned its not really switched off as i can still ‘see’ it on the network when on standby.

The SMPS is used in network sleep and deep sleep modes. The linear supply is only used when the unit is fully operational.

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I wonder what the SMPS in the XS2/NDX2 actually powers in network sleep mode. The DAC and output stages maybe?

I love the solid and reassuring sound of the relay(?) when it switches on.

“Select parts of the digital electronics” - most importantly surely the network part so that it stays discoverable on the network, but I don’t know what else

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I don’t fully understand that explanation. Surely you don’t need server mode on if you set auto standby time to ‘never’.

Reads like standby mode is primarily aimed at maintaining the network connection. Not so much at keeping the critical components that influence SQ warmed up. I do hear the NDX2 sounds different coming out of standy. It’s a gradual process but I feel it takes about 20-30 minutes to get back on song. No issue as this is typically in the morning turning on radio.

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I asked this too and the answer is two posts down in that thread :slight_smile: If you set auto standby to never and have the display enabled during playback, the display stays on for 12 hours if you pause the replay. (I.e., the replay does not come to a stop because the album/playlist ends, but it’s just paused. Pause counts as “still playing”).

To work around that, you can enable auto standby, which turns the display off. If you want the streamer fully warmed up nevertheless, you can enable the server mode.

If the display is set to off during playback, then you are right

Thanks, that’s great. I have display set to off during playback, hence the confusion. Sometimes, I feel, there can be too much flexibility.

The whole thing confused me as well, regarding why the display sometimes would not shut off for me - the difference between actual Stop and Pause eluded me. (And I still don’t really get why pausing should mean that the display stays on for 12 hours, but I guess there’s use cases for this. A timeout setting instead of the confusing workaround may have been simpler, but it works for me now, so I should be happy)

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