ND5 XS2 Problem

I’m using Nait Xs2 and ND5 Xs2… But I got a problem about ND5 Xs2.
The power button on the front of ND5 XS2 flickers and does not work…
Disconnecting and reconnecting all cables also does not solve the problem…
How can i fix it?? plz tell me…

Sounds like it’s faulty, so get in touch with your local Naim dealer to arrange repair.

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Are you in UK?

Step by step diagnosis:

Have you made sure the power lead is fully inserted - some need an extra push to grip the pins, especially with a Naim Powerline.

Can you try another power lead?

thank you…
I’m in S.Korea~
I tried again… but It didn’t work…

Does the streamer work regardless? Or does it cut in and out?
Either way… I would be returning it. Was it new?

I bought it 1 years ago~ And It doesn’t work anything~ only power button is flashing…

You could try getting in touch with Naim Tech Support. Otherwise I would get in touch with your supplying dealer.

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You could probably try unplugging it and disconnect the Ethernet, re boot the router, and try again.

Nothing I do can fix.

I would do this…

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