ND5 XS2 questions

Is there a complete instruction manual? I’ve only found the quick start guide online.
Also, what are the Preamp 1 to Preamp 6 inputs? I have no idea what these are. Can they be turned off?

Is Chromecast necessary? I see I cannot deactivate it.

There is no proper manual, instead there is a support section at the bottom of the product web page. Compared to the old pdf or paper manuals, it’s not as comprehensive, and searching it is hit and miss, but it does contain some useful information.
You can disable unused inputs in the input settings menu, but not Chromecast, which remains open so that you can select it from third party apps if you want to.
If you see preamp inputs listed, you may have enabled System Automation, which allows you to select preamp inputs and volume from the app.

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Thanks for the information. I have turned off system automation. I am curious if people put the ND5 XS2 in standby when not playing, or leave on all the time?

Naim have always recommended leaving your system switched on, but new products are required to have an energy efficient standby mode, which you can use if you prefer.

Thanks. I’ll just leave it on.

Yes I put mine into standby when not in use. It doesn’t seem to affect it in any way, even performance wise. I also turn all my unused inputs off.

How are you liking your new unit?

I am liking it a lot! It already sounds a bit better than my old ND5 XS.

Did yours take long to fully burn in?

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Mine was great from the box, but after 3 months its a different beast altogether. A brilliant sweet spot product in the hierarchy.


Yes mine was around 3 months too. An absolute classic!


I have another question about Server mode. Does that mean the ND5 XS2 has to have Server mode on, if it is to be served tunes by a NAS or hard drive, etc?

Or, does it mean that the ND5 XS2 acts as a server for another streamer?

I listen to Tidal, Internet radio and files from a Mac Mini (used as a NAS) all through Ethernet. I also have my TV plugged with an optical cable into the digital inputs. I was wondering if I could turn server mode off?

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You only need Server mode turned on if you want other UPnP streamers to find the music on the ND5 XS2s USB input. So yes, you can turn it off.

Thanks Chris!

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