ND5 XS2 streamer with English Electric 8switch

Hi guys,

Right now I am testing a borrowed 8switch on my XS2 streamer. Placed the switch between the wall socket (internet) and the streamer. Nothing fancy further. Playing with a Tidal Hifi datastream. Did a lot of comparison with and without the switch. My conclusion: nothing. It already sounds great, the 8 switch didn’t bring anything extra. While switching cables I noticed also something weird: when I took the UTP cable from the wall socket… music continued playing! No, I closed down wifi, so the streamer had no internet connection whatsoever. But it continued playing for 6 minutes before it shut up. My five cents about it: the XS2 buffers the digital input datastream into internal memory (cache) before it starts playing. That said, Tidal brings the stream with CD-quality. Because of the caching, what could something like the 8switch bring extra? Any opinion?

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If you go in the search part, you have 4 threads on the English Electric switch. One of them is still running.

I’ve the same set up and to my ears the ee8 brought a clearer presentation with more detail and bass definition. My ee8 only feeds my innuos zen mini and Nd5xs2

The ND5XS2 has a 50MB cache which is enough to store a few minutes of music data as you have seen.
What a buffer can’t do is filter out any electrical interference that comes into the streamer via the Ethernet cable or elsewhere, so it’s not going to make the streamer totally immune to it.
My experience for what it’s worth is that different network configurations, including switches and Ethernet cables, can sometimes make a subtle difference to sound quality. I’ve used a fair few different switches and cables over the years (although not an EE8) and never once have I noticed the big changes to the sound that some here claim, especially with the current range of streamers which were designed to be more resilient.


Thanks! That explains my findings so far.

Only had mine a few days , but for me it just cleans up the signal allowing more music out of the Nd5xs2. So more vibrant, improved detail and clarity, better imagery etc. But not screwing up the timing.

I need to play around with the local files on my Core and see if I come to the same conclusion.

Bearing in mind how expensive black box upgrades can be, this represents real vfm, especially when bought Preloved and at £299.

Yes I’m feeling pretty smug.

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A bit puzzled. I took the power from the EE8. So I thought: now the equipment turns dead silent. It didn’t. Everything keeps playing! With a switch with no power! Is that normal? Or was it playing on the internal cache of the streamer only? Yeah… that should be it. Right?


Which means one will need to wait a little while before hearing and making any judgment before hand…it’s not a case of just plugging something in and hearing instant changes.

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Exactly right! Today I let the switch play all day long with a radio feed. Two hours back, when I arrived from work, I started listening again.

It knocked my socks off! That good! I hear things I didn’t noticed ever before.

That brings me to another issue: my CD player is outdated!

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All CD players are outdated. The future is vinyl. :grinning:

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I hope not. Not got enough room for many more :sunglasses:

May I gatecrash this thread.
I have had my nd5xs2 about a month now which I use wirelessly. If, and I repeat if I wanted to wire up for stability and I bought something like the Chord ee8 would I wire up something like this. Long Ethernet cable from hub to switch, then shorter cables to tv, sky box and most importantly streamer.
I know there are many threads on this subject but that’s part of the problem.
Luckily I found a passing 4 year old to do the diagram.

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The other way round I was advised here with a I’m cable from router to ee8 then 5m to Nd5xs2…i also use a cheapie netgear for the tv etc from the router so the ee8 is audio only


But what about connecting other items.
My tv, sky, and Streamer are all opposite side of room from bt hub.

A switch is just a convenient way to connect your devices, and Ethernet cables can be any length up to 100 metres. I generally keep networking equipment well away from the HiFi, but of course when you put it in a flashy case and charge a lot of money for it people are tempted to treat it as something special, display it on their rack etc.
My advice would be to put it wherever is best to connect the things you need, get it up and running, and if you feel the urge to try some tweaking later, make your changes then.

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Take a feed from your router to a cheap switch and hang tv etc of that and another feed from router to ee8 and hifi? Ethernet cables are cheap so should be easy I would think?


@igahman, I would start with your suggestion, and then if you feel the urge to fiddle try something like @Hifi-dog has suggested.

Whatever you do, don’t sweat it.

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