ND5 XS2 suddenly stopped playing

My ND5 XS2 suddenly stopped playing when I was listening to the internetradio. Streaming doesn’t work either. The app shows that the radio / stream is playing. Does anyone have an idea what is going on?

I had that happen a while ago after the most recent firmware update. A factory reset fixed it for me.

It worked. Thanks!

The good news is mine has been fine ever since so hopefully yours will be too

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I had that yesterday and reselecting the radio station made no difference. The app said it was streaming, but it had stopped. I had to start an album playing and then go back to the radio.

I also need to change the radio station sometimes but yesterday that didn’t work either. I tried playing an album and turning the streamer off for a while, but nothing worked. I’m happy that it worked after the factory reset. That was actually quite a long process (searching for new firmware).

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