Nd5 XS2 + Supernait 3: advise acoustics, room 15 m2

Nd5 XS2 + Supernait 3: advise acoustics, room 15 m2, preferably floor acoustics.

A Spendor 2/3 with the stand.

Thank you

One more thing - Spendor D7. I’m having the audition at the moment.
Consider Spendor if you’re interested in vocal

For 15m2? Are you sure? :slight_smile:
Btw if you really want to receive any helpful advice you should describe briefly what you are looking for, your room limitations, positioning, music styles, how loud you listen etc.

at the moment I have 2 -M & K Sound S-150, two sabwoofers Klipsch THX-1200-SW SUBWOOFER, I listen to progressive metal loudly.

I have acoustics for cinema and subwoofer, thx

I listen like a trifonik


ordered Kudos SUPER 20A in

2-M & K Sound S-150 sold

A large rug on the floor I think.

has bought a carpet, it is on the way.

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