ND5 XS2 vs BlueSound Node 2i?

Have you watched this live review from Alpha audio? They were comparing Grimm, Mola Mola, Naim Nd555…

No I have not FR,thanks,I will check it out.
I have also been looking at info on the Grimm Mu1,looks like a nice unit too,but I think you also need a Dac with that one.
Care to share their findings?,I can not watch videos right now (at work).

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Yes the Grimm is nice, but it’s only a transport. In the video it’s connected to the MSB dac.
There’s a thread in the forum on this live event. ( “ live streaming tests, Mola Mola…”).
When possible, watch it. It’s well done and you can even hear the differences.

I will definitely watch that when I get home from work. Another plus for me for the Mola Mola is the half width size and the silver/aluminum finish.It matches my Nagra Integrated,and would make a nice high end,two box system. Kind of like what Thomas now has(Soulution),but on a smaller scale. I live in an apartment building now,so want a lower volume system that still sounds engaging.

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I watched the video FR, I kind of skipped through some of it, but watched the important parts. To break it down…the MSB was very engaging, but missing some detail. Also very expensive if you upgrade the power supplies.
The Grimm/Mola Mola was very neutral with exceptional detail and midrange. The ND 555 kind of combined them both, engaging and detailed.
However, they made a point of complaining about the lack of balanced outputs on the Nd555, saying they would probably sell more if it had them. Used in an all Naim system this is irrelevant, but I now use Nagra, which does have balanced inputs.
For me, a big thing is price, the ND 555 is 2.5 times the price of the Mola Mola alone, I simply can not afford one.
The nice thing about the Mola Mola is you can use it alone, or add a high end streamer/server later and just use it as a Dac.

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Having just done all that, I would say that phrase

just about sums this up.

The Chord DAC was maybe just different, not better than our nDAC
They are both good, but do things differently.
Having had the nDAC for a while, there may be some bias to my opinion.
But, the nDAC does things more in the Naim way, more musical, which I prefer.

Hope that helps



The Mola Mola seems to be a nice solution , a one box streaming dac. It deserved a lot of press praises.
One question comes to my mind : how does it compares to the similar price DCS Bartok ( without headphone)? Both can match visually your Nagra.

That is what I need to find out when I have the funds available, for now my Zen stream/MX Dac is sounding very good.

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