ND5 XS2 vs CD on Star

Hi, just want to check whether anybody knows if the sound of streamed music on the ND5 XS2 will sound better or about the same than a CD played on my Star. I’m having to finally admit that I’m listening to most new music via Qobuz, usually hi-res, streamed via my Star!
It sounds good when fed through my 282/250 set up, but CDs still sound better. All on Mana supports. (LPs on the LP12 is still sound the best though!).
Best wishes Amer

It might help to know what CD player you have? My ND5XS2 pretty much matches my CDX which now rarely gets used

Hi GadgetMan, It’s not separate but in the one in the Star.

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I’d expect it to be at least as good and almost certainly better. Presumably streaming is very much a second source, because the NDX2 is a better match with the quality of the rest of the system.

Thanks for your comments Hungry and Gadget, given me a positive steer on what to do. Best wishes Amer

I agree with HH given the quality of the rest of your system the NDX2 is a better fit.
With the Star in your current system you have a redundant amp/pre amp if only using it for streaming/Cd replay. An alternative to the NDX2 could be a ND5XS2 combined with a second hand Naim CD player, quite a few on the market, this might satisfy both your objectives. If you find a dealer with both trading your Star might be a good way forward.

Thanks glasnaim, I also got the Star because I listen to a lot of radio, both FM and DAB, so it was a neat way to get all those facilities in on box. It is a Naim so it sounds good, true could be better, but my set up is very tight so can’t have more boxes. I can only contemplate the NDX2 because it’s a slim box and will fit between the Mana base and shelves above, so it will sit on a decent support! Best wishes Amer

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I understand Amer I have a Nova in one system and have had a Star at one time in another, so I appreciate how flexible these units are, with a great sound also.
I was commenting solely on the basis of you considering a ND5XS2 and missing CD replay, sometimes the best thing is to do nothing.

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