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First post for a long time driven by my recent upgrade from NDX to ND555. While the sound quality is clearly better, it seems to me the control functionality is worse, although I might be doing it all wrong! Apologies if any of the following has been addressed already, but I couldn’t find anything on a quick search. Firstly I can’t believe you can’t select the Unitiserve/uPNP server directly from the remote/head unit but can do it only via the Naim App. This seems a real backward step and very inconvenient for me. Also, you can select Spotify directly but not Tidal! This also seems unbelievable: who with an ND555 uses Spotify? Further it seems to keep shutting down the Unitiserve when used, though perhaps that’s my set up, but then won’t recognise it even on the Naim App ‘servers’ button, so can use only Tidal. Lastly whenever I change the ND555 input (between say Internet Radio/Tidal/Unitiserve) it forces the 552 input selector to CD (it’s connected to AV; I still have the CD555 on the CD input and don’t want to change). It is frustrating to have these issues with an expensive product, which seems worse than the older, cheaper model in this respect, although of course the SQ is as much better as it should be… Are there any ways round these inconveniences (the manual is sketchy at best) or might future firmware updates address them?


Can you not repeatedly press the inputs button to cycle through those that are enabled?

The switching to CD is a system automation thing. Might it be easiest to connect it to the CD input and connect the CD to say aux. It wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Hi Neil. I’ve an NDX2 and I confirm that you can select a server only via the Naim app. About the ND555 switching on the wrong pre amp input go to the Naim App, select “ system automation “ and check the correct streamer input ( if system automation is enabled) I’m not running a unity core so I cannot help. Congratulations for your amazing Naim gear!

I run a Core and ND555 I select the Core or whatever server directly from the app likewise with Tidal.

Like yourself I upgraded from the NDX you will soon adjust to the difference between the old and new platforms and it will become second nature.

The input sounds like a set up problem and should be quite easy to sort.

Unfortunately I am in hospital recovering from surgery so am unable to look at my set up to help but undoubtedly somebody on the forum will offer further guidance.

At this level your dealer should be on the end of a phone or visiting to get this sorted.

Gazza, I’m sure they will today, just seeing if anyone had suggestions overnight.


Input switching issue fixed by remapping inputs and changing streaming input on the System Automation setting on the App. The other issues (and the annoying inability to leave the Internet Radio screen permanently displaying Artist/track, which was doable on the NDX) seem to be shortcomings in the software platform; let’s hope they’re addressed in firmware updates.


Neil, you have the option to switch the screen on or off via the general setting using the remote and ND555 screen.


I was also surprised by my upgrade from NDS to ND555. Why is the software suddenly so much worse? My gripes:

  1. Automation also does not work correctly when you push Buttons on the 552 input selector by hand. For example, when you manually switch to a another input (because the turntable sits right next to the 552), automation will turn it back to the CD/ND555 input only once. If you switch to phono once again, automation stops working and will not switch back when you start up the ND555. If you listen to both vinyl and ND555 and do not turn off your kit every night, automation seems pretty much useless.

  2. Why was the ‚radio off‘ button removed? How do I turn the radio off (or prevent it from blabbering on while I look for my phone/ipad to switch to the streamer?)

  3. A button on the remote for switching to Unitiserve/uPNP (as you suggested) would be extremely helpful to alleviate problem 1) and 2).

  4. A search function that covers UnityserveSSD and the connected NAS would have been nice to keep in the new software. The Unityserve is not that ancient and I assume that quite a few costumers switching to a ND555 came there from a Unityserve/NDS/NDX setup.

My dealer confirmed all these issues and suggested an email to Naim. The answer was not particularly helpful, claiming that they had not had time to look at the automation issues. That was a couple of months ago. I also hope that some software update fixes all these minor annoyances.


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