ND555 display and Roon with Classical

I’m currently listening to Complete Symphonies of Schubert, Marc Minkovsky and Louvre-Grenoble. When I press the remote to see what track is playing, it shows me the name of the Symphony, but not which movement.
Does anyone have a fix? Is it a limitation of Roon or of Naim?

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I am curious what is controlling the display info ? is this a Roon problem? or Naims implementation of Roon on the ND555. For example; I’d like to see the quality info e.g. Bitrate on the display from Roon.

@Richard.Dane - do you have any info on this one? or should I raise a support request.

Malla, I can’t answer that one. Maybe best asked of Naim or Roon.

Bit rate is not on any of Naims units for Roon. No idea why as it’s all available as part of the Roon SDK and RAAT, it shows bitrate of whatever Roon is playing in the Naim app though.

Is it too much to expect that someone at Naim would talk to someone at Roon to resolve this, instead of us having to keep posting and ‘nudging’?

Have you enquired with Naim about this already?

I imagine that if it is indeed an issue that requires a fix then Naim would be keen to do so. However issues are best addressed to Naim directly via the support channels rather than on here as the boards generally aren’t monitored except by myself in the capacity as moderator. Personally I don’t use Roon - thanks to very poor internet infrastructure (very slow and regular drop outs) where I live in the countryside, streaming services are a no go as well - so it’s hard for me to add any personal input here.

Hi RipVanRadio,

Roon send us via RAAT the metadata pre-catagorised , of which comes down to album, artists, track and composer. We format these on to the front display, but we don’t get extra extended metadata from Roon. . Here is a similar example to yours that I captured the metadata exposed on the API:

            "resources": [
                    "bitsPerSample": 24,
                    "mimeType": "audio/unknown",
                    "nrAudioChannels": 2,
                    "sampleFrequency": 48000
            "metaData": {
                "artist": "Les Musiciens du Louvre - Grenoble / Marc Minkowski",
                "serviceID": "roon",
                "composer": "",
                "album": "Schubert : Symphonies (Intégrale)"
        "title": "Symphony N°5 in b flat major D.485: II.Andante con moto"

In regards to the sample rate, we show it on the Naim app, but we don’t show it on the front display as it doesn’t really fit on cleanly. We would really need an extra page on the info key that shows more detailed info about the stream.

With regards

Software Director

Thanks for the reply.
The display of the title ends in “b flat maj”. The rest of the name of the track is missing, hence there is no way of knowing from the ND555 display which movement is playing, and as you say, the bit rate and sample rate do not appear.
So this is a limitation of the Naim display, presumably for SQ purposes ruling out scrolling the info? I would be very happy if it were possible with a further press of the remote control button to see the full track name and the bit and sample rates.
Any chance?

I noticed that Roon when playing from Tidal breaks up c the symphony in to parts which I assume are the different movements? Not that up on how classical is classified so I might be barking up the wrong tree.

Obviously these don’t show on the Naim screen only in the Roon app

That’s the point!

Have you asked about it on the Roon support forum?

No, because it is obvious from Steve’s reply that Naim is receiving the information from Roon, but is choosing not to use it.

It does seem odd the info reaches the app and not the front display. Once again not an issue if you are not a classical listener. Oh well at least we have all the information on the app … and I must confess my own display is permanently turned off.


Regarding the front display, we purposely don’t scroll it when playing.

At the product design stage there was the technical dilemma of adding a fairly high definition display, but not making it result in reducing sound quality due to radiated noise. We implemented a mobile phone technology called MIPI which is a low voltage serial bus that goes from the GPU (Graphics Processor) to the front display which electrically keeps things quiet + it’s pretty low power. When playing we keep the display as static as possible as avoids doing screen updates, hence giving the GPU lots of work to do.

On the apps, scrolling text is not a problem as the processing load is on in the phone or tablet, at most it hits battery life, but has no implications on sound.


Software Director


Scrolling sucks, and should be avoided on all displays in my opinion. If the full text won’t fit, it’s often because the full width of the screen is not being used. Perhaps on touchscreens you could tap on a line to make the full text appear - anything to avoid that scrolling would be an improvement in my books.

Thanks for clarifying that Steve. It is what I expected. But perhaps there could be a future implementation of a ‘page 2’ on a further press of the ‘now Playing’ button, giving the full track name and the sampling/bitrate?

Thanks for the info Steve.

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