ND555 Dropouts

Is anyone else experiencing dropouts on their ND555? I’m getting these on most tracks usually at the beginning, perhaps one or two short split second quiet spells within the first thirty seconds or so. I had thought it a broadband issue however this morning playing from an attached HD I’ve had seven very short drop outs in the first 6 minuets of the track, somewhat spoiling the gentle ambience.

The ND555 was replaced by my dealer twelve months ago due to faulty left channel, seems I’m not having much luck with this streamers software and hardware. Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Have you tried fully powering down the ND555, leaving it for 15 mins or so and then powering it back up ?

You must be in IT :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll give it a go….

How dare you ! … but yes it does sound like a standard IT response :grinning:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

You IT guys… geniuses!
No dropout on the first 3 tracks. :raised_hands:


I have been having a few dropouts lasting about a second or less nearly always a few seconds before a track finishes. ND555 just three weeks old. Seems OK tonight though.

Its runing on 24/7 repeat to speed up running in. Its very detailed and clear but when does the NDS style magic appear.

What do you mean by “ when Nds style magic appear “ ?

ND555 takes a few weeks to open-out and relax with its presentation - if you are comparing to a well run-in NDS that has already done that.
For me ND555 just took everything further than the NDS which I had tried on home-demo to replace my CD555 based system source.

The ND555 retrieves more details deeper into the music and presents a richer weave of the music than I got with the NDS that gradually and gracefully reduced resolution at low-levels - the ND555 just continues to retrieve that detail and hence portrays a richer harmonic structure and - for me - a more beautiful musical presentation.

But more information retrieval means more ‘mush’ as you may hear it until it runs-in. I hear run-in in general as the gradual lowering of a distortion noise-floor over days-weeks-months until the music details are there without the distortion prior to run-in.

Different people hear it otherwise or not at all in different systems, but that is how it always goes here.
Be patent! :bear:



FR, By ‘when does the NDS style magic happen’ I was meaning that I am still waiting for that very emotive engagement and communication that the NDS is capable of portraying.

DB, I would agree there is far greater resolution and detail previously unheard. In adition to the emotive engagement and communication mentioned above I am also noticing a slightly reduced sense of timing which can make some previously tight recordings sound like the musicians are having a first run through. At the moment Its not drawing me in and keeping me up late like the NDS could.

I know its very early days with running in and I remember the 18 months with a brace of 300DRs and active Ovator S600s which suddenly stopped me in my tracks one day once they had settled down.

Going back to the original thread I’ve just had a couple more dropouts. I think I will start a log to see if there is a pattern emerging.

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A lot of timing issues I found can be down to low frequency handling generally in the system or set-up.
Since the only difference is the ND555 then it may be that it generally had more extended bass - I found NDS was nice and solid in the bass but the ND555 seamlessly keeps extending down and resolving more LF information that the NDS did not seem to dig-out. Until the ND555 runs-in more that may be impacting timing perhaps.

Do you use single 555PS or two? Not that it should impact timing but it does impact LF detail in some systems a low - in mine I really appreciated the two supplies effect.

Another thing I found when extending the LF-end performance either by larger Speakers allowing for that or the source pushing more in - was that I had to address my system set-up in that things that were fine before were now not good enough.
In particular the NAP500 Burndy leads have to be off the floor - or the timing is gone and the bass loses resolution. No way around that with spacers or other tricks - only free and off floor delivered.

A few other things with cables suddenly have more impact when you open the resolution bandwidth to lower frequencies. It may be the NDS has exactly the same bass response as measured as the ND555, but the latter resolves more info and presents it into your system to deal with.

Just some ideas to consider - may not be an issue.

I hope it all comes on-song - let us know how things develop.

My ND555 is a dream source for my system and does not lack the involvement factor, so it should happen for you at some point ahead.


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DB, Its interesting that you highlight bass as a contributing factor to timing. In my case I’m currently noticing a reduction in bass although I put that down to the much lighter and brighter presentation of the ND555 versus the NDS which as you say has a very solid bass which I thought contributed to the excellent timing of the NDS. I’m pleased to hear the bass deepens as it runs in because I think that will help.

Yes I am only running on one 555DR PSU and for context NAC552DR, floaty Snaxo 362 BMR , SC, 2 x NAP300 DR with Naim Y splitter on bass into S600 active.

The NAP 300 Burndy leads are weĺl clear of the floor and well dressed. One item I may look into are the ND555 Burndies which are the ones supplied with it, the old ones having gone to a new home with the NDS. I found these particularly stiff and unyielding and they do not seem to have that small amount of angular freedom where the cables enter the connectors. Unfortunately I no longer have the NDS ones to compare them with but I think I will give them another dressing session.

Thanks for the input and I will keep listening out for any changes which I’m certain will happen at some point.

Good point regarding the correlation between bass performance and perceived “timing”.

My Naim system is clearly superior to the level 5 Audio Note tube system that I owned previously. It’s not just about foot tapping but that’s a large part of it.

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