ND555 going into standby

I am trying to leave my system running 24/7 whilst running in a new power supply. I have previously done this by leaving the radio on at low volume but now the ND keeps putting itself into standby after a few hours. It’s never done it whilst I’m sitting there so I don’t know exactly how long it lasts.

The radio is operated from my Innuos app and I can see it is still playing but the ND has gone to sleep.

It has worked like this previously.

I have changed the Naim setting to standby “never” to see if that helps but surely I shouldn’t need to do that - I would still like it to go into standby after a set time (previously 1 hour) if nothing is playing.

Am I missing something obvious?

Do you use another app like roon, roon also has a setting that puts streamers in stand by.

If restoring factory settings is an option, do it, as it could resolve issues sometimes.

I don’t use any other app, no Roon. Setting standby to “never” seems to have worked all day today, I guess I’ll just leave it like that for the run in period then see what happens after that. If it starts going into standby whilst I’m actually listening I’ll do a factory reset and go from there.


The app question was because my NDX2 was disconnected because of roon, even If I have turned the automatic power off on the Naim app.

But if the intermittent issue still persists try a hard reset. Hope it helps.

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Well, after playing all day with “never” selected, it stopped playing again overnight, only this time the ND didn’t go into standby - it seems therefore the standby settings are functional.

Innuos app showed the radio stream still playing but the Naim app shows ND555 de-selected and “ready” as though the stream has stopped.

Touching the radio station icon again gets it going again.

My network app will show me if the stream is still playing so will see what it looks like if this happens again. I guess the other thing I can do is to play from the ND via the Naim app rather than from the Innuos via Its app (as currently).


Happened again after a few hours of continuous play. This time I was in the room and could see from my network app that the stream was still connected. So, I guess either the ND decided to ignore it or the Innuos decided to stop transmitting it to the ND and the app is telling porkies…

I’ll play the radio from the Naim app tonight, to see if that makes a difference.

Interested to know if you get to the bottom of this, thanks for the updates. I have experienced random stoppages too, not the same issue you have though, and it’s hard to definitively find the source of the issue.

I’ve had the same issue with my Uniti Star recent.y when leaving it running on radio to run some new speakers - random stoping overnight. Maybe it’s a software issue with the streaming platform?

Just a random shot:
There could also be interruptions in the network, which stop the stream. I don’t know if e.g. DSL providers still disconnect line now a then (which can also lead to changed public IPs). Not sure, if the ND would resume it on itself. (This could be tested, of course. Interrupt the network an see, if it resumes. Play a local only stream instead. Or check the logs of the router.)

Not implying this is the case here, but it’s always good to look into multiple directions when hunting “strange things in the night”.

I have always had auto standby set to ‘never’. The rest of the kit stays on 24/7, so I reckon the benefit of having the streamer go to standby is marginal, particularly considering its two power supplies are always powered on. I have never noticed it behaving in the way @Elfer describes. I scarcely ever use internet radio, but have used it streaming from my NS01 server and/or Qobuz all day without interruption.

It ran all night last night, playing from the Naim app. I will switch back to the Sense (Innuos) app to see if the problem reoccurs. If I narrow it down to Innuos (the app or the Statement), I will reach out to Innuos support. I will also try “stay connected” in the Naim app but I’m not sure why this would have an effect when using Sense.

Unfortunately, my network app doesn’t show historical connection time with enough resolution to identify interruptions. Is there a log I can retrieve from the ND?

So, it stopped again yesterday when playing from the Sense app. It also stopped overnight with “stay connected” checked in the Naim app (still playing from Sense). I’m back to playing from the Naim app. If it stays on now, I’ll reach out to Innuos support.

I checked the logs on the Innuos, which are downloadable for tech support. I can see cd ripping, retrieving metadata, updating files etc but can’t see anything relatad to internet radio streams with time stamps etc. Then again, I’m not familiar with reading these logs so maybe I just missed it. I can’t find anywhere in the Naim app to download logs.

Naim can provide software which when inserted into the usb port extracts logs.

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DSL auto reconnect could cause this issue. in Germany with my provider this happens every 24 hours

That would happen regardless of the app used to play wouldn’t it? The Naim app is fine, it’s Sense that seems to stop the stream after a while.

No reply yet from Innuos, which is unusual. I’m done with running 24/7 though so no rush to solve, it’s more of a curiosity at the moment.

The internet line disconnect would affect any playback chain (if it happens).
However, different streaming devices may react differently. They‘ll like all stop - but whether they resume playing once they realize the connection is back, is totally up to their software. (And the more components are in the chain, the higher a chance for a hiccup.)

Could be that then. I did have continuous play via Sense previously but it’s possible something changed during a firmware update. I’ll follow up again with Innuos this week…

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