ND555 hammering SMB/NAS

Does anyone know where the configuration settings are for my ND555 in regards to SMB?

I am seeing this in my NAS connection logs:

Server Mode is disabled in the App. I don’t even know where this “Naim” user is coming from, except which is the ND555 private IP Address. No user of that name exists on my NAS.

Over the course of the last hour, I can see 1,624 SMB failed login requests.

N.B. The only UPnP service that is running is Twonky and on a different IP (hosted directly on the NAS).

I also have a QNAP NAS and the same issue with the Naim Nova. Before you have posted it, I didn’t know about. Samba is the Windows protocol, At the Moment I haven’t any idea what it is.

Yes, this is very worrying because I wasnt aware the ND555 should even be trying to access shares. It makes no sense to me. I am going to configure Fail2Ban and put the ND555 in the Jail for now. As I keep getting 1000’s of notifications.

Interesting; the FAQ for the Nova states:
“It is not possible to set up Network Shares on a Uniti Nova.”

So, unless the SMB-access is related to UPnP/DLNA or any of the other access/streaming methods (which I haven’t heard about, but am no expert in either), there should not be SAMBA/SMB/CIFS access coming from those devices.

Best to ask naim support on the topic!?!

I wonder if this is referring to the built in UPnP server that the new Naim streamers have built in, but which will only serve files from the local USB drive. I know nothing about SAMBA, but this server must be announcing its presence on the network, although presumably not on Mallas, as he has Server mode disabled.

We could ban the connection by right-clicking (e. g. ban for 1 hour). But maybe the Naim will not have access to the NAS and is not able to access the music folder.
The Nova is trying to login to the QNAP NAS: TS 251 (also when is in standby). And is not clear for what. Maybe is Google Analytics.

The Naim Nova is doing crazy things in the network :thinking:. My Nova made a plop when a Computer was starting so I deleted the Naim as audio device in Windows 10.

I’ve put the ND555 into the Jail and no longer receive notifications. This only relates to the use of the Samba connection. So no issues for me via Twonky or Roon.

The ND555 (like all Naim Streamers) doesn’t access SMB or any other NAS file system, they use UPnP media transfer from the media server. It will be the media server that uses SMB to access the files on the NAS to then process them suitable for streaming via UPnP.

The new generation streamers simply load the media as fast as the media server can supply the streamer. If there is a problem there is definitely an issue with your media server / UPnP server or NAS setup. In the grand scheme of things these data transfers are trivial so if the NAS is struggling it definitely points to something not configured optimally with it.

BTW your logs show that it is software on your NAS that is calling the file system (localhost) with some sort of authentication access failure. Is it the Twonky media server you are using? If so I would really try and use another media server … Twonky should not be causing those errors on your system

I don’t know why you say that for sure.
I disabled Asset and the Login continue. It has Nothing to do with the Media Server. To me if is the NAIM App the source ip should be the device where the App is installed. It comes dierectly from the IP of the Nova.
And I have two Logins: One is “guest” (Login Ok) and “Naim” (Login Fail). I still have no idea what it is. But it seems that this process prevents my NAS to go in Standby.

Twonky has more than its fair share of challenges… the UPnP standard has no concept of login as far as I remember.
Now the Nova mayhave some other function that is nothing to do with streaming and UPnP … in which case I would have thought it would be in its setup. … perhaps it thinks your media server is a Uniti Core or something.

Twonky is installed directly onto the QNAP using the native package application, this means that it is running on the server host OS of the NAS i.e. Linux. The source IP from the logs tells me that the ND555 is hitting my NAS via Samba. Likewise, this user has never been used by myself and does not exist on the NAS whatsoever.

No other Naim equipment which is network capable is on my network.

And when you turn off your ND555 it stops. It’s funny I have a NDX2 which is the same firmware, and there is no such activity here on my NAS… but then I don’t use Twonky, and my streamer knows nothing about any fileshares… I use UPnP.
If you disable Twonky do you see this strange behaviour from your media server stop?

Also have you checked the internal media server is switched off ? There should be no bearing on this at all, but there may be a bizarre/extraordinary obscure bug somewhere… you see the streamer has no way of knowing how to mount the file shares or more to the point even what their IP addresses are…

My internal Media Server of the QNAP NAS is switched of generally so Twonky is also disabled. Asset UPnP is installed. I can also stop the Asset UPnP via App Manager, no changes.
In general, it is normal that there are processes that access the Shares. But as I explained I have two processes from the Nova ip, one is “Guest” Login ok and “Naim” Login fail. I don’t want 1000 times access in 1 hour on my NAS. And why to the NAS, the NAS is onyl connected via Server. I deactivated the Server as Input in the Naim App now. It goes on …

I need to do further testing, but no other media DLNA / UPnP services are running on the NAS. My initial suspicions are not Twonky since it is not using SMB shares, it has direct access to the OS level filesystem mounts.

I think Simon is referring to the internal server in the Nova, not the server on your NAS. This can be enabled/disabled via the Naim app, but that is not the same as enabling/disabling the Server input on the Nova.

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Sorry, I can write in English so clear.
Of course, the music server mode has already been switched off.
I have disabled the Server as Audio Input, and after doing this there is no Need from the Nova to access the NAS permanently because for the Nova the NAS should not exist. It is like to deactivate Spotify as audio Input and the Nova is always connecting to Spotify.

This isn’t happening with my ND555. I’d contact Naim tech support tomorrow.

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