ND555 - Help with package size


I’m going to pick up my ND555 tomorrow morning.

Could someone provide me the size of the package (in cm) ?

Thanks a lot!


Although I don’t own a 555, I’m pretty sure it will come in 2 standard size Naim boxes: one containing the 555 unit, the other one containing the accessories like burndy, remote, hi-line, etc

Hi Thomas, my boxes are in the loft but the ND555 come in the standard size Naim box but be aware that you will have two boxes one for the ND555 and another box with the accessories this box if I remember correctly is the same size but about half the depth.

Hope this helps.

PCD and Klout10,

Thanks a lot!!

So I’ll get a “standard” box and a smaller box.

I’ll also pick the Super Lumina cables, 3 boxes more (the full set)

It’s in the normal large naim box, with a very slightly smaller box containing Hiline, burndies, powerline in a shrink wrapped mini pyramid.

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