ND555 Interconnects

Planning but didn’t decide yet,dilemma problem,what’s your opinion between Chord music to S/L’ interconnects,right now i`m using S/L… which one you prefer,obviously on my ND555 in terms of sound.

I tried the SL and True signal audio ultimate silver, did not like the SL. In the end i have decided to stay with the hiline until i have another demo. The SL sounded very closed in with no space for the instruments. The True signal i will try again, but was a bit bright sounding, but not closed in, bags if detail.

I’ve compared them both, but not on an NDS555. Music has a level of cohesion that SL simply cannot even begin to approach. It has bags more detail, offers more insight, more emotion and is rhythmically more coherent. SL is a few quid cheaper.

Have a listen, see what you think.

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