ND555 is choosing its own tracks to play!

My recently acquired ND555 has a slightly annoying habit of randomly jumping to the wrong track on an album that I’m playing through. I’ll select track 1, it will be played, probably then track 2, then a completely random selection on the album such as track 7. It may or may not then resume with track 3, obviously this is not ideal! Source is a Unitiserve SSD pulling data from a Netgear NAS.
Not sure if it’s the ND555 or the server that’s responsible, but my previous NDS in tandem with the same server certainly never had this issue.
Just wondering if anyone has also experienced this, what the issue was and how they cured it?

Hi Kevin. Congratulation son the ND555. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with it. The first question is have you checked that the app isn’t set to play random rather than sequential?

Hi, I’ve the same issue with my Star, seems to improve when selecting the Play button above the track list rather than tapping the first track.

There is a shuffle feature in the app, look at the two arrows below the track elapsed time (0.04) in the picture below. If that is bold you’ve accidentally clicked shuffle. I know this because I spent an hour swearing creatively at my then NDX until someone kindly helped me on the forum.


Hi Michael, hope you are safe and well. Yes, am aware of random play facility and it’s not engaged. Nine times in ten tracks it will play in sequence, just occasionally going off piste… strange

Thanks Alec, that’s worth knowing and I’ll try that next time I want to play from track one. Very often I’m playing from elsewhere on the track list however and it should be possible to do that without this happening of course… :neutral_face:

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It might be that the secret Artificial Intellience program that Naim rolled out with the last update is beginning to take over, first your streamers, next the world :wink:

If it helps, the nd5 xs2 I’m trialling something similar. Press via the app, the forward button to select next track, and sometimes you get a random selection. Be that from qobuz or NAS. Thought it was my fat fingers.

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The king always gets to pick the games!

Interesting Roberto, especially that yours is on 2 sources. That fact may help rule out the Unitiserve as the culprit. I’d call Naim or my Dealer, but…

I’ve fired an email into Naim today. Not about this, yet.
I really wanted to be wowed by the nd5xs2. But do far. Early days for me but…

I’m feeling the same about the ND555 so far. Hoping it’s just a facet of the running in, but getting to the point where that just may not explain it…
Bass is suffocating everything and it’s overly rich. If this were a turntable I’d be checking the tracking force hadn’t gone out of whack on the heavy side. That’s the sound I’m getting. It just ruins involvement …
I’m wondering if I don’t like the latest software (as per separate thread) . I had a huge problem with 4.6 and 4.7 version of NDS software. Lots of detail and very calm but, honestly, very uninvolving music. I don’t think I ever got to the end of a track… Reverting to 4.4 instantly restored the music …

Haha, and there was me thinking my nd5 xs2 was a bit bass light. Although mine us my dealer demo, I don’t think it has been run much. Has the latest firmware.
It is sounding better tonight. It gets confused when I first select a album and try to change track. Once it has filled the buffer it appears fine. I am assuming that’s what happens. No idea how big the buffer is.
With no manual and limited info, I’m just guessing. My dealer would be helpful. But they are closed. And I’m guessing that some of Naim customer support are off too.
It looks like the two USB sockets are just USB in rather than out as well?
It can find my logitec streamer on Nas, but will not play the tracks. Another streamer on the Nas does stream the same tracks. Bit weird.
And it keeps having to find the room on the app. Doesn’t feel stable. Could be my network. Have moved my router into same physical room and plugged streamer direct into it.
Sounding better, still feels flaky though.

I find lack of a user manual just utterly bizarre. ‘Beyond words’ grade stupidity… Don’t tell me - some bright young spark in marketing’s idea…


I thought they were going to reinstate after charlie took the helm…buy a kettle from Lidl for £20 you get a manual. Buy a £13 k streamer, a poor website…you need a good dealer on tap 24/7.


Hi, just a question…is this happening via the naim app only or when using Roon and its mobile remote? Have a chance to acquire one tomorrow but not if these units cannot properly read and process audio files!

I don’t use Roon. Do use the nd5 xs2 via the app on Android.

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Clear, thanks.

Sounds life network issues to me, mine is wired via Cisco switch and is rock solid finds the room quickly when first woken up and remains stable all day. Getting a lot of play time at the moment!

Looks like proper manuals are coming back - witness the latest Supernait 3 and XS3.

And I see there’s a also a link on the ND555 product page for the full manual (although right now it’s just redirecting to the QSG), which does suggest something may be coming.

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