ND555 keeps disconnecting

My new ND555 if don’t use for a day or 2 when I reconnect on the iPad I can see the track playing on the iPad and on the steamer but no sound. Is the 555 somehow muting ? The 552 is on the correct Input and isnt muted and the dealer here says it might be because I’m using the cable from streamer to 552 so the remote control works which doesn’t make sense guess only way is to try this out which would mean there must be an issue with the 555

Is the ND555 set to Auto-Standby?

hi Michael thank you for responding. Yes it is - switch to never?

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Yes. Or be prepared to wake it up from the remote…

hope that sorts it, thank you again. Etheregen or elec8 next purchase but that’s another thread I’ve keenly read how you ERs are working out

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got home tonight the naim light on the 555 was turned off is this normal ? the music working fine and light on when re awoken but on the NDS the light on the front of the unit didn’t turn off if my memory serves me correctly

auto stand by set to never and stay connected ticked on the app

As far as I am aware the logo is always lit and there is no way to disable that on the ND555, so it looks as if something could be wrong there. I’d ring or email Naim and/or your dealer.

My dealer here has contacted today Naim I hope if you’re watching you can reply here too. Their demo unit has the same issue which is odd Re shut down light off on the front of the unit

This is normal behaviour on the current streamers. In standby mode, the logo is off, only the green power button remains lit.

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Sorry! I can confirm that Chris is right and I am wrong. The same thing happens here. The Naim logo goes off when the ND555 is standby… My apologies to you, OBHK, and your dealer… I never noticed

Thanks Chris , sanity check needed!

Thanks Michael/ Chris much appreciated

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