ND555 lights out

In the last few months, following power down my 555 has restarted thusly.

Note the lack of logo light (nor button lights, though I usually dim those). It’s accompanied by not responding to the remote or even appearing in the APP, though the wifi indicator is showing a strong signal. Power cycling it, sometimes several times has so far restored normal service so I’m reluctant to sent it off just yet with the fault intermittent.
Any others had similar?
Next time It’s off I’ll try exercising the Burndy connections in case they just need a clean.

Think that is just a start up light combination……mine does the same, but in play logo and buttons are lit……i have screen turned off.

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I should add there’s no sound when it does that, that’s the clincher.
I just checked and putting it into standby with the APP leaves the logo lit, I have my buttons dimmed but now it’s not responding to the remote and dimming them vas the last thing I used it for.

Mine always responds to remote and app with sound……one to keep a watch on-or call dealer if still in warranty.

The start up problem seems to have been cured and what cured it was getting rid of the powerline adaptors that arrived when we had solar panels installed, they also arrived with the cutting of the house earth connection, all curtesy of EDF-ENR. We didn’t spot the earth problem straight away and had aircon installed followed by a new consumer unit before it came to light. I had tested the sockets when we moved in last year and all was correct then. The ND555 starting problem didn’t turn up until after house earth was restored and persisted, albeit intermittently, through all the storms we’ve had in May and June, except I’d given up turning the system off for the last couple.
Around two weeks ago I finally got round to drilling through the replace the adaptors with a straight through cable and not turned the system off since. Monday I had a visit from the local Naim rep, Mickael Becue and was unable to get the problem to show itself despite six attempts so I’m considering it cured and laying blame.p on the powerline adaptor, which also upset the superline to some extent.
Unfortunately what with all the switching on and off the button on my 555ps is stuck on, which though better than being stuck off is still a drag, Mickael is looking into how best to fix that.

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Powerlines are the work of the devil. As for your stuck button, a good hard jab with your finger can sometimes work wonders.

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