Nd555 Mac Pro cisco problems

I have a Mac Pro with large iTunes library which has been connected by toslink, all good, but decided to try the network solution for more flexibility. so enter the Cisco connected to the router (virgin) then to the Mac Pro and the nd 555. the problem is the connections all seem fine the internet still works (even with the Mac Pro wifi turned off) but no sound. Can’t find on the nd555 any input listing for ethernet and likewise on the Mac Pro any output for ethernet in the sound menu.
help please

You need to run a UPnP server on the Mac (or elsewhere on your network) in order to stream music over your network. It will then be found in the server input on the Naim app. AirPlay will also work, but you may find it to have inferior sound quality.

thanks for that, any suggestions for the best sound quality

There are several UPnP servers that will run on a Mac. I would probably go for Asset. Once installed, the streamer should find it automatically.

As @ChrisSU says, you need to run a UPnP server on the Mac. You’ll need to go into the server setup menus and point it to your iTunes library. Then, the Naim App should see it as a server and see the music.

You mentioned “best sound quality.” What is the quality of the music in iTunes? Is it AAC? If so it’s “lossy” and will never sound “best.” Especially on an ND555. You want lossless files.

yes all lossless aiff, and separate drive with Flac as back up, have now installed asset and all working(thanks Chris). just wondering if it is the best option for quality

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