ND555 - OverSampling to 705.6 kHz / 768 kHz

From ND555 white pages

As I understand it, whether it is 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz or 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz, etc. is sent to it, the ND555 oversamples the digital stream up to 705.6 kHz / 768 kHz (PCM).

So why not oversampling externally, before sending the digital stream to the ND555 ?

Through HQPlayer for instance ? (e.g using Roon) ?

This would relieve the ND555 from the job, meaning less digital processing and therefore less digital noise.

Theoretically this should be a good idea :thinking:

That’s a fair question, although the max input sample rate quoted by Naim is 384kHz so if you want the streamer to max it out I guess you would still need 2 x oversampling.

Right, well spoted!

A x2, x4, x6, etc. oversampling could well need the same computing power :thinking:

Does this mean the ND555 does something similar to a Chord M Scaler, albeit built in?

Not knowing what the MScaler does exactly, I really can’t tell.

Most DACs over-sample before reconstructing the signal. The reason for that is, roughly, to reduce reconstruction artefacts.

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I find the nDAC does a better job than using Room’s oversampling except when playing MP3/AAC radio?

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