ND555 Problem - help!

My ND555 just went via a small ‘click’ sound into near-mute mode - meaning I can just about hear music nearly probably 70db down whisper-quiet.

The App says output is still DIN-only which I use and I can’t see what has changed - any suggestions appreciated!


Sounds like it’s switched over to RCA outputs. Can you try switching back (even though app disagrees…)

Oh dear…all I can say I had a loss of sound from my first nd555. Which if you remember was just days after you collected yours. It was a din failure on one channel, the rca outlets were OK when tested at our friendly dealer we share. If you have some rca cables rather than din, that would be my suggestion.

I tried switching to RCA = no sound, then ‘DIN+RCA’ = ultra-quiet, back to RCA=nothing then back to DIN = ultra-quiet.

I’m going to re-boot it next…

OK - it is working again.

Re-boot and all is louder (correct) again via DIN. :joy::bear:

Hopefully not the same problem Gazza - but thanks for the warning.

Hopefully useful for anyone else that suffers this.

What I did to evoke this was swap the CAT5 for CAT6 Ethernet input to it, which I’m now about to try.


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Dear DB.
I have to say this even with my 555 gone back to HQ, that JN and myself share the same sentiment;” Yep, call us dinosaurs”. ATB Peter

Scary stuff, I just want it to work, and always get nervous when something is broken…, good luck, hope it doesn’t happen again…

It’s all jolly clever when working fine…but now and again things happen. Naim apparently are going through their digital set up tips at Bristol show in a couple of weeks…see if there is some tweaks to help. Also, Naim have been into Signals this week to reset the ND555 and Statement amps…could be worth a call to the AA.

Not long after I bought my Atom last year, I had the exact same problem, and the little click was similar to the click you hear when putting it in ot out of standby mode. Naim have had the clever idea of using a little SMPS to keep the devices compliant with legislation concerning standby power consumption, but given that a few others have posted similar issues with various new models, I have been suspicious for some time that there is an unresolved problem with this.

Just switching the Ethernet cable back again - carefully - to the original CAT5 I was using and the same problem again and fixed the same way by re-boot. The music cached inside the ND555 before the cable swap played OK, but a later track load did not play loud but at minute minimal-level almost-hear volume again.

Since I don’t switch Ethernet cable much until I did this today it never happened before. If it stays stable for next few hours or days I’ll put it down to experience to re-boot ND555 when re-plugging in the Ethernet.
I really hope that is all it is. This puts me off doing cable experiments and I may declare victory with a working great-sounding system.


i switch off my nds and unitserve and router, then on again, around 2 or 3 times per month. I found that the nds is better sounding after. Or perhaps it’s my imagination.
Switching off then on is rebooting?

One of these mishaps with my Atom occurred when connecting to the TV via HDMI, the others when it was just used for local streaming from a NAS. It has been through quite a few firmware updates since then, and after 2 or 3 such incidents, has behaved properly ever since. Possibly quite unconnected to your issue, of course, but it does sound suspiciously similar.

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