Nd555 problem

My Nd555 lately is shutting by himself like a reset ,music in the middle stops playing ,when I start back to play sound is less good,also the tracks between songs takes too long to start …large gap time between them … it’s not always let’s say every 2 days I get this problem … is anybody had this experience also?my server is Melco n10 and I also have a Cisco 2960 switch between router to Melco

I’m afraid I’ve never had this, but hopefully it’s a software fault. I suggest shutting everything down and then starting it up again with a complete reboot of the Melco and ND555.

Fingers crossed!

I did it but it helps only for one day this problem start to happen when I had a second 555ps I installed it on the digital Side,if I’m thinking maybe the power electricity in my house is not strong enough it can maybe close for a second…can be a fault reason?

Have you tried changing Ethernet cables - just to get rid of the most obvious potential culprits?

Ethernet cables can be a reason? Maybe I have to much load on the electricity at home

But you know I wil try to change mine Ethernet cable what’s going from Melco to switch because I had not long ago a different cable

A shot in the dark, I’m afraid, but, assuming you’re using the Naim app on an iPad or iPhone, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

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I would have thought that if the load was too high it would cause more drastic problems…

Are all the burndy and mains cable connections good?

Yes I’m using iPad

Think good enough

Go back to just using the one 555PS and see if that fixes it.

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I don’t know what kind of circuit breakers you have, but if the power draw was too much, it should trip out, and everything would be off.
When that happens in my system (usually because a tradesman plugs in a heavy transformer), I have to switch off all my power supplies, before switching power back on. Then I have to switch them back on one by one with volume at zero, allowing a few second between each.
So it’s not your power draw I would say.

I would contact Naim support. There are some instructions they can give you so the ND555 writes a whole lot of diagnostic info into a USB memory stick which may determine what is causing the reset… there may be an internal component about to go faulty, or if it’s power related, there will most likely be some key info to suggest that.

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Simon is spot on as usual, your dealer via Naim can supply a software ‘detective” which extracts what is going wrong. Contact Naim or dealer.

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I didn’t have it when I used only one ps …it start to happen when I add the second one i also changed my ethernet cable 2 weeks latter Sarum T between Melco to nd555

Just put a QB2 in my system…bit of a pain until i turned everything off. Then server switched on, cisco switches one by one, and the naim attached products. Worth a try?

What is the meaning QB2?

Sorry Meni, just bought a new Muso QB2 speaker hard wired in another room. Had to reboot the whole system from virgin media hub, then power everything up, 5 or si minutes a time to get everything working, might be worth trying.

When you power off and on is there a way in a certain order of the devices?

Power off the front end like your nd555 and any network switch its linked to by ethernet all the way back to your hub. Then switch back on in reverse, hub, next ethernet switch ( if you use them)…then your nd555. Its best to let each step take a few minutes to settle.