Nd555 problem

I need to close also Melco server

Yes, shut it all down one by one…then power up one by one from the router…up to nd 555. But leave 5 minutes or so between each step. Hope it works.

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Remember with the ND555 you will need to actually power down both power supplies and wait a little while for the capacitors.

Considering formatting my all files to wav I found there is along time waiting between songs only on flac ,when I convert the same file to wav it goes fast between tracks …most files about 80% are flac the 20% rest in wav…and they play fast … the only problem it will take large place on my Melco hard drive… those Melco hard drive r expensive

Can it bee your micro wave quality powerblock not good enough for your 2 massive 555 dr?

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What music server are you using on your Melco? Have you set it up to convert the WAV to FLAC so the ND555 doesn’t have to? Apart from anything else, you will probably also get slightly better sound quality that way…

Im using Twonky media...tried also Minim trial but didnt like the sound

I said just read…i convert some problem files from flac to wav and it`s work okey

Did you mean flac to wav…not wav to flac

Sorry: yes, that’s what I meant - to set Twonky to convert in on the fly so the WAV file is sent to the ND555.

Sorry again - it’s been a long day

Yes… playing in wav is probably easier to dac to handle

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