ND555 psu question

I have my ND555 powered by a single 555psdr can I connect another 555ps…which is non dr??? If so which section should it power… I may take this route…and then update it later… has anyone done this??? Are there sonic benefits to this mixed approach???

Yes you can, not sure what would be best. Just try for yourself…give it a week or so then change the burndies over…nothing to lose. Either way you should hear better control across the frequency range, particularly bass.

Not sure this would be wise, loosing the DR of both sections having the one DR unit to then only be using one section with DR having the two supplies.

Yeah that thought crossed my mind too…

Not sure I understood. One non dr can power for example the analogue circuits and the dr one the digital circuits.
I remember that some had one 555 dr and another 555 non dr on Nds, and found improvement.
Or I miss something in your post?

I think you are quite right in this suggestion - remember having seen people doing exactly this on NDS before the ND555 came along - although I wonder if there is any difference in ND555 design that may make it work less well than on NDS?

Yes, I don’t have any first hand experience but know how worthy the DR is.
I recently asked Naim themselves about an XPS DR vs a non DR 555 and they informed that the XPS DR is superior.
So from that point I assume possible, I would rather use a 555 DR for one side and an XPS DR for the other.

Cannot use the xps dr on the nd555, has to be a 555psu dr or non dr.

Am I right in thinking that there are around seven dr phases…and only 3 or 4 are used when you use 2 separate 555 supplies (in each unit)

They ought to do ND555 twin edition that has reduced supplies…with perhaps even better performance…

That answers that then Gaz. :joy::+1:t2:

Can’t really respond, from technical point. But guess the Nd555 is built like Nds as far as power supplies connecting.
I know one member has put a second 555ps non dr on Nd555 and found an uplift.

They are slightly different as Naim made some changes internally to optimise the star earthing in the ND555.

Because of this change it’s not possible to power the ND555 with an XPS.

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