ND555 remote extender

Hi all,

My Naim stack is located in the room underneath our living room. As a result we installed a IR extender for immediate control without firing up the App on a device. I just installed a new ND555 replacing an NDS. The IR extender does not seem to work on the new Zigbee remote and the Naim remote does not seem to get through the wood and stone between the living room and where the Naim boxes are.

Has anyone seen anyway to extend a Zigbee signal?

Thanks in advance, David

There is nothing that I know off. Can you not use system integration to control it from the preamp?

The Zigbee doesn’t use IR, but you can use the Naim app to control the volume over wi-fi using system automation.

I believe it uses Radio frequency, hence the IR extender not working with it.
What a pain in the behind.
I love using a “proper” remote - if only for muting/pausing playback when the doorbell or phone goes, plus, if you use your smart phone as the remote, trying to answer it and control the system volume, for example, is not easy.
I hope you find a work around - perhaps contact your dealer or Naim directly?

I’m pretty sure Zigbee extenders exist, I have one for my central heating, it’s Hive branded, but I assume that there are generic ones out there. I seem to remember that mains attached Zigbee devices always act as extenders.

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