ND555 remote used with NDX2

I am not very happy with the remote that is shipped with the NDX2 and am considering buying the remote that comes with the ND555…

The ND555 remote is made of metal and looks a lot nicer than the standard NDX2 remote. By the look ofthe two remotes, they look to have the same layout the implication being that the electroncs are the same… but one never knows…

Has anyone tried to use a ND555 reote with a NDX2 or a NDX2 remote with an ND555? If so do they work?

My dealer seemed to think nobody used the remotes, preferring the phone app instead. If you find two, I’ll take the other !

Interesting I have 500 series metal remotes and plastic, I prefer the plastic, the metal ones are just too heavy for me…
I use the NDX2 remote (Zigbee ) a lot and use instead of iOS device with Naim App which I hardly use now.
My only slight gripe is the battery consumption on the remotes is higher than I would like, and it’s a shame it’s not rechargeable.

I would guess that in theory it should work, but you might want to confirm with Naim before taking the plunge.

Only real question you need to ask is how often would you use the remote to make it worthwhile? You could otherwise just get yourself a nice dedicated Mac Mini tablet…

If its the 419 quid one, I would rather buy music!


Are you considering a sale or just teasing?

What selling my 552 remote? No… I’ll keep it together for if I ever sell my 552. Just reflecting I think the metal remotes are too heavy.

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The circular set of buttons are stiff / non moveable on mine to the extent I end up skipping past my selection. The lights in the same position also don’t display the volume… and as mentioned the plastic corners of the NDX2 remote are far too sharp. I’m guessing Naim bought this one in as I think they’re better than this. I mainly use mine to adjust the volume as it’s quicker than going to the iOS app. Is the ND555 metal version equally painful to use?

I want to change mine too. The navigation D pad can’t be pressed. No travel at all. I think different people prefer to use remote to up and down the volume in physical touch. I find myself using remote purely for volume and not FaceID into my app to adjust the volume.

The plastic NDX 2 is really disappointing.

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I use a ND555 but had a loaner NDX2 when my ND555 went in for repair. I can only say the remote on the NDX2 as compared to the ND555 is bloody awful, so cheap and tacky.


Like othes have mentioned, I use the remote to skip tracks or switch to one of the radio stations i have present or to select to the DAC when listening to a CD, etc.

It takes more time to find the ipad - which may be being used by someone else in the houehold and normally ends up in a different room and need recharging (dont really understand my other people using the ipad dont plug it in to recharge vs just leaving it)…

Did consider buying a second ipad - but Iknow it will end up being the back up to the first ipad when it’s discharged, can be found etc…

So my dealer is checking to confirm that the ND555 remote can be used with an NDX2 and if so the cost of said remote… if it’s a reasonable price I will purchase one… the dealer tells me that he get a number of the ND555 remote as some of their other customers have a similar complaint and are also looking for a ‘solution’

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I’d be very interested in finding out how you get on here. Please do post your findings. I tried the ND555 metal remote when demoing my old Uniti Star, imagine my disappointment when the white led plastic one turned up in the box. It was mentioned above the they are over £400 unfortunately for one, not ten units. If Naim made this remote standard the would achieve a better cost.

The remotes are interchangeable. I have used my ND555 remote on my Nova. You just have to pair them. Its the same remote really. Not that much difference tbh. A world away from the Narcom brick!

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Would this work?

I much prefer it to my NDX2 remote but tbh use my iPhone unless sometimes mute or volume change

Doubt it. Looks like a RC5 remote. Good for a cd5si though!

Yes CD players and amps :+1:

I have the ND555 and the metal remote that comes with it.

I use the remote regularly. I find that its way better than the iPhone to change the volume or mute the preamp.

I prefer the metal ND555 remote to the plastic one that came with my NAC552 because it doesn’t need a direct line of sight with the equipment as the later one.

Of course the metal remote came with the ND555. I hadn’t to purchase it. Separately, it seems expensive.

I think I got the metal version with my NDX2! I couldn’t understand why people were often criticising the ‘cheap plastic remote that comes with the NDX2’ when I’ve always liked mine and would rally to its defence.

Works a treat with the NDX2!


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This is a fault that a number of people have found - my NDX2 remote was like this, but my otherwise identical Atom remote was fine. Ask your dealer for a replacement.

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Have to agree the remotes that came with my ndx2 and atom are very cheap looking, they mark very easily and show every finger print. I purchased a nd555 remote for my ndx2 which is far better. Can’t remember how much I paid for it but would like to buy another for the atom.
It’s still not a patch on the 552 remote!!!