ND555 screen stuck?!

Hi. My ND555 screen seems to only want to display an album that i played about a week ago (from my Core) and i can’t seem to get the ‘playing now’ artwork to display … anyone got any bright ideas

The screen will switch to home / radio etc. btw but if i’m playing either from the Core or Tidal then i get the same album artwork which patently isn’t playing!

Just depower the unit by pressing button on the power supply unit linked by its burndy for 30 seconds or so. Then press the power button in, it will go through a reset, all should be fine. But, please let Naim know via a call or email, or via the App…they are working on this problem…

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With all of these complex streamers it’s worth remembering that they are computers basically, so the rule for computers applies here too. Turn it off and then on again.

Because of the slight uncertainty introduced by the different standby modes, it’s best to put it into standby, disconnect the mains power (as Gazza says of the power supply powering the ND555), wait 20 secs or so, then connect the mains power again. That may not clear your problem, but it probably will.



Thanks guys - All solved!

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No worries, but do let them know…the problem and how you fixed it. It should not happen, and they need as much information as possible.

Thanks Gazza - Have just sent them a mail!

Brilliant, thanks👍

I’m having exactly the same issue and powering the 555 on and off each time to clear this is a total pain. Be interested to know if you Got/get a repose from Naim on this and when they will fix it. Not great for a such a expensive piece of kit.

I’m also struggling with all sorts of issues on the 555 and The Name App.

Disappointed with this new streamers bugs.


Sounds like your dealer needs to get involved.

mottoj, thanks for your reply on the other thread. Yes, please do get in touch Naim support about this.

Try disabling auto standby in the settings

Hi Michael, presume from your suggestion you have found this to work, all the time?

I can’t be sure. I got fed up with Autostandby preventing me from using the remote to unmute or restart Roon etc afterr walking the dog or whatever so I disabled it. I didn’t have many screen freeze problems before but they have not happened once since disabling AS. However, thar could be coincidence. So, I’m merely suggesting it’s worth a try.

Sure, why not…thanks for passing on.

Hi Mottoj

I received the following reply from Naim Support

Hi, thank you for your e-mail. We are aware of a software issue, that caused the screen to freeze. We did introduce a fix for this in the last software update 3.3 please check you have this installed.

You can do this via the app by going to settings, and selecting check for updates.

If you are running version 3.3 and the issue is still present. Please let me now.

I’m not sure what version i’m running and keep forgetting to update as i haven’t had any further problems - but it looks as though the problem should have been solved!


Thanks for this Andy, apologies for the tardy response…Just to help out others I did have the latest version which has just been superseded by the new version. This seems to be working OK now but will need to test further. Thanks again.

Quick update on the screen freeze issue following the latest firmware update on the 555. Sadly the issue of the screen freezing on a historical album artwork played still prevails. I’m going to ask the dealer to try and resolve on my behalf. Just thought it would be helpful to advise the forum that the New update hasn’t fixed this issue. It’s been quite a catalogue of issues since taking this new piece of kit on.

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