ND555 with 2 555ps

Has anyone found ND555 with 2 555ps to be significant upgrade when compared to using one 555ps?

Yes! I felt it gave me more of the good stuff. I will leave it to others to explain more eloquently. However, I also felt the ND555 with one PS was truly fantastic. Both DR versions.

That’s one for an audition if you can accommodate a second. It’s not a universal preference but it may be a majority one.

When i bought the Nd555 i did audition with one and two ps. The second ps gives a nice uplift, albeit at quite a cost. I think that money in my system would be better spent towards a 500 dr or 552 dr.

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Earlier this year I attended a Naim Audio presentation organised by my local retailer at which Jason worked up through the new streamer options culminating in a demonstration of the ND555. It clearly showed a clean pair of heels to its lesser cousins. Then Jason added a second 555PS. Within about two bars of music I had one of those “Oh, bloody hell” moments, when I realised that what has been heard could not be unheard. I placed an order during the recent promotion.

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I also am now powered by two and I am amazed about how good it is.

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Don’t you just hate threads like this!


Yes I’ve stopped reading anything that starts with 55😟

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It depends how you listen, or maybe Jason had the plug order wrong (seems unlikely) but it was a demo he was running that told me I didn’t want a second ps. The room seemed about evenly split on the matter.

I am beginning to feel better now.

Yes; avoid threads like this at all costs…

Hi Yeti
Was the reason for you preferring single PS that there was:

  • no meaningful difference with the 2nd in place?
  • insufficient uplift to justify the 2nd PS cost?
  • different/altered sq with 2nd in place that you didn’t like as much (and if so is it possible to describe your impressions of that)?

Thanks in advance

There was an improvement in things like bass control and maybe even treble resolution but I was no longer listening to the music it had lost too much of its swing and wasn’t communicating to me any more. This is the sort of thing that might be amenable to setup tweaking but I’m just finding it satisfying to listen to with one ps and I’m not really tempted to explore it further.

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