ND555 With 2 PS

Hi, I have just added a second CD555 PS to the ND555.
Need an advise on the power on and power off sequence between the 2 PSs.
For example: Power on, 1st the digital PS 2nd the analog PS. Power off the reverse sequence.
In addition My ND555 stoped randomly every few hours and in few such occurrences I had to to Home Screen to resume streaming. I am using Qobuz. Similar issue presented by Meni in April 20, but I could not find any solution to the phenomena in that thread.

When i add new software on the beta thread i always drop the digital supply power supply for 10 minutes or so…the analog side I keep on. It then reboots…it works for me.

Do you mean that it reboots upon switching back on the digital PS.

Yes…no need to turn off the analog side…just the software side.

I just turn both mine off together about 2 seconds apart in any order. I stagger the ‘on’ switching to limit surge-current a bit.
I’ve not heard anything from Naim either-way about leaving ND555 half-powered for any significant time. It could possibly cause problems with some polarized internal components - or not!
Since I don’t know, I don’t take the risk.

…perhaps Naim could confirm what is recommended - I’ve never seen what they suggest.


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