ND555 with external DAC

I know this was just a question asked, but i can’t see anyone doing it, as why would you?
Something like a dcs bridge (no longer made) would be a much better option for just a streamer and be massively cheaper and there are many others to add to the list that would be better as well.

Somehow I just knew dcs was the answer. Telepathic or what.

Well like i said its not made anymore, but it was a fantastic streamer with lots of options etc.
Many reviews all agree, but as said lots of others to choose from, that are also great.
You could even get the talko and have money left over using the nd555 just for streaming.

As said its not something anyone is going to do, as why would you.

Why indeed.

I know take the best streamer/dac naim has and use the worse part of it, as in the part thats in all naim streamers and bypass the bit where all the money is, would be a very strange thing to do

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Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Most of the money in the Nd555 goes for the dac implementation and the power supplies ( 555 dr x 2).
It’s like buying a top Ferrari and replacing the motor by a Porsche or Mercedes motor.

Porsche and Mercedes manufacture inferior quality motors. In automotive design, the motor matters and the car itself does not. Please discuss …

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Ok, you are right. So let’s say Bugatti or McLaren….

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I wasn’t stating it as a fact my friend :slight_smile: the marques don’t come into it - I just felt that the comparison was a shaky one. Others may think differently.

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Some say for example that before Aston Martin was producing their cars from A to Z, with their own designed motors.
But now Aston Martin uses Mercedes AMG motors. It may work better, faster, but it’s not anymore an Aston Martin to me.
The Nd555 would be not anymore a Naim sound signature with an outboard dac.

But you didn’t care too much about that when you mixed up your preamps.

Not wrong my friend :laughing:


Try an MSB Premier dac with powerbase and feed it from your Own streamer. It will be the quickest way to answer your question.

Best regards, BF

There certainly are ‘front ends’ for dacs that cost as much or more than the ND555.

The Taiko Extreme is one.

So if the ND555 was to cost more than that one from next week, what would be your point?

I have no idea what you’re asking.

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Whether the relative pricing of other available products, (which the OP has stated he wouldn’t buy anyway without a lottery win), has any bearing on his question.

OK, my head has finally exploded! :exploding_head:


Gosh……there was good stuff in there😉

Signals are still threatening an Audio show East 28 and 29 th of October at the usual Trinity Park in their latest newsletter.

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