ND555 with latest firmware = stream with Siri?

Maybe my expectations need recalibrating…

…was hoping that this firmware update would be mean that I could ask Siri to play music on “naim hifi” just as I currently ask her to play music on the ‘living area’ HomePod etc.

The request seems to confuse her, despite “Naim HiFi” (aka ND555) being listed as a ‘airplay’ destination on my iPhone (running latest iOS).

(I can now simultaneously stream from my iPhone to as many of my HomePods as I like and the ND555 which is a nice feature of the new firmware.)

Anyone know…?

Naim did ask the question about who wants Siri (and a few others) a year or so back on the beta group forum. A few have asked for feedback on the survey, but nothing forthcoming so far.

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