My new ND555 arrived to day instead of my NDS i had for 5 years almost, from the beginning out of the box the sound was much better in all areas,never heard before such a big upgrade as this one,even though the NDS is a great device,i am very happy with my new purchase


Congratulations - it is a wonderful device. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks,how does it sound with another 555ps comparing to one only?

System context is important here - I vastly preferred the two supplies as the Bass-end is far better defined and more extended HF and generally more information in my system.

But it does work rather well with the single supply, so something to consider in future - preferably after a demo.

I love the two-supply ND555 - but I previously had a two-supply CD555 so was used to what that did and missed not having the same resolution.


I’m using my nd555 streaming always from my pc,I’m thinking to buy a nas, never had before,my question is what do I get more…from a nas instead my pc in term of sound?or maybe is it more reliable,I want to understand why many users here use a nas? In terms of what reason???

A lot of people will have useful input on this but this is my own perspective as a late-adopter of streaming (from CD) only a few months ago:

I had to get up to speed on what made a difference and I left the ‘why’ to a side task to understand as I went along. I come from a science and engineering background with understanding of how it all works - just until very recently I’d not been interested in streaming as I did not find it ‘timed’ right compared to CD - and I was previously a late adopter of CD from Vinyl for other reasons. Convenience is not key to me but the musical experience, so I tend to wait until the technology has matured before adopting.

The thing that ‘wowed’ me the most - and this is contentious - is when my Dealer first got a Melco NAS-switch-isolation device and asked what I made of what it did - and it was the start of realising that the NAS made a difference as it was the first time I found streaming audio with almost any DAC or Streamer interesting to listen too. Others have listened to Melco and loved or hated it - but it shows at least the NAS does do something so whatever you do get something you like and don’t presume it does not matter.

I also wanted the ripping process for my large CD collection to be fairly easy and automated as much as possible, so the Melco did that as you just attach via USB cable any commercial CD drive - insert CD and it then rips and does all artwork…etc - other devices do similar so worth considering if that is important to you or not.

I also wanted a back-up methodology so the NAS has all that too - but you can devise your own approach so not key.

The main thing for me is sound quality and I auditioned several NAS with the ND555 and chose the Melco - I also have another commercial NAS I can use and it sounds less clear.


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Congratulations, you will have great music. I already had a Naim Core it’s very convenient to rip cd,s and good SQ. I will look at the Melco N10 when a black finish is released as an upgrade.

I don’t need to rip anymore,I had few cd׳s that I did ripping before on a core,my friend has a core,I took out the files from his pc, now I’m always buying music files from the web,I just need a nas only for streaming instead my pc,so I understand from you guys it’s a little bit better probably more reliable…thanks fellows.

If you want a quick, easy way to get your locally stored music files onto the streamer, you can do it with a USB drive in the front or rear USB ports. Enable Server mode in the settings menu, and the ND555 will find the music in the Server input, exactly as it would if you had them on a NAS/UPnP server on your network.
Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a ‘proper’ NAS, but the above method will get you up and running for fifty quid with no need to set up a NAS, instal a server, etc.

But I will need a big USB drive 2TB it`s more expensive

I bought a WD 2TB drive recently for £45.

You mean an hd or a usb

I mean a USB hard drive, in this case a WD My Passport.

Thanks,does It also sound better?

I don’t own an ND555, so I’m probably not the best person to answer that quastion! In your position, I would be tempted to buy one and try it anyway. If you then decide to move to a NAS, it will be useful as a backup.

@ChrisSU @Meni

In the context of my system, I hear no noticeable difference between playing music through an attached SSD or through the network. Having the music on a server is far more convenient in my opinion.

Hi Thomas, my point about the USB drive here is that the new streamers have their own server built in, and if you enable this, it will see the attached USB drive. So you don’t have to run a server elswhere on your network.

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Nd555 is perfect,every cd I had before never heard as this device and my previously NDS device was not good enough to me,even less good than my cds3 I had Before…now I started to smile again,happy to listen to my music,this is a real Naim,in my opinion Nd555 worth every penny…period.


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