ND5SX2 standby frustrations

If I go out and turn off the WiFi and Cisco, but leave the streamer and amp on - then return and turn back on the WiFi and Cisco, wait a while then try and use the app it does not turn on the streamer any more.

Do any settings need reconfiguring?

Why are you switching it all off?


Surely there’s no need to keep Cisco and WiFi on all the time for sound quality?

I don’t routinely turn off my network equipment, but when I do, it functions normally when powered up again, and discovers my streamer, server etc. as expected.
If your Cisco is a Catalyst model, remember that it will take a couple of minutes to complete its startup routine, so you should ensure that this is complete before attempting to use the network. Maybe even wait until it has fully started up before turning on your router.

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Why not?

My LP12, lingo 4, Cyrus phono + psxr2 and Cisco are all plugged into the same wall sockets so was hoping to turn them off and leave on the naim gear. It used to be ok but last couple of times I’ve given up after 10 minutes and had to press the button on the ND5SX2.

Just seems unnecessary as the power consumption is negligible, I don’t know of anyone who turns off their router but each to their own

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Exactly, it should be possible to switch the wireless off and then on again without the need to reboot the ND5 XS 2, no matter why one wishes to do so.

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I turn my router off every night, not to save power but because the flickering lights drive me insane! I never have any problems with turning back on again although it takes a couple of attempts with my ND5XS 2 regardless of whether I turn the router off or not.

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