With the current climate getting to listen to a second hand NDX2 or NDS could be an issue.
So with this in mind if I was just to purchase a second hand NDX2 or NDS would the sound difference between either and my ND5X be a totaly different sound; or would I just be getting more of the Naim sound-(P.R.a.T) I am used to and love, due to the better DACs?
I only listen to iradio and UPNP.
Thank you.

I think either would be a revelation after your ND5XS, even with your PSU. But note that the NDS doesn’t have an in-built power supply and although the ND5 ext PS would work, it would not let the NDS perform well. So you would need to allow cash for an XPS DR or preferably a 555PS DR.

All that said, the NDX2 might be the more cost effective upgrade as it does have a built in power unit and you could fit a PS upgrade later if you wanted. Again the ND5 PS would work with the NDX2 but I’m not sure it would bring that much improvement (but I’ve not heard that combination).



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I think you’ll find the improvement to be substantial, and as an iRadio user I would recommend that you look at the current generation streamers. The lossless FLAC radio stations they now support are a huge improvement on the regular lossy stations.

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Thank you for your thoughts.
I think Iam leaning towards a NDX 2 and use my ND 5PS for now.
A NDS+555PS DR would be getting on for circa £10K.

Thank you for your answer.
I think Iam leaning towards a NDX 2 and use my ND 5PS for now.

I’d try the NDX2 with and without before deciding, as you may well find that the PS makes little if any difference. You could then have the option to sell the two 5 series boxes as a pair. The NDX2 is a very nice machine, I’m really pleased with mine. There are various high resolution radio channels, which I need to explore more.

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Thank you, that has given me food for thought.

This exactly the route I took, from ND5XS/NP5XS to NDS.
I used the NP5XS with the NDS for some time, and there a significant step up over the ND5XS.
I was then later on, luckily enough to get a 2nd 555DR to replace the NP5XS.

In terms of streaming performance and flexibility, I now used my NDS with Roon using the SonoreUPnP Bridge, so now I have access to Tidal Master (MQA 1st unfold covering 95% of the 1M Tidal Masters), FLAC Lossless Radio and any format you want to throw at the NDS (incl. DXD, DSD128, DSD256)
SQ is just excellent, certainly better than a bare NDX2 or maybe even a NDX2+XPS2DR. Not seen/heard a NDX2 powered by a 555DR.
Dying to compare a ND555/555DR as a Roon client, vs a NDS/555DR/SonoreUPnP Bridge :laughing:
Or even a Roon client with NDS/dual 555DR/SonoreUPnP Bridge :crazy_face:

So it depends on whether you want a value-for-money 2nd hand NDS or a shop fresh NDX2, reuse the NP5XS until funds allow for a XPS2DR for the NDX2 or a 555DR for the NDS (given the 2nd hand NDS will be cheaper than the NDX2).
Also depends how you feel about Roon and ditching the UPnP Server and Naim App.

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Thank you for your very detailed response.
I do not listen to streaming services and have no wish to subscribe to Roon.
I only have two shelves on my rack available for a streamer and a PSU to give those marginal gains. I do not have any space for anymore boxes.
I think it is a case of just go for a NDS or NDX 2 and I won’t be disappointed with which everone I pick.
Kind Regards.

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If you are not streaming, have you considered Chord Qutest fed by the ND5XS? Nott heard a 5XS with the PSU, but the Qutest was massive uplift for me with the 5XS and standard PSU.

So if you don’t use Internet Streaming services, Tidal or Qobuz etc., you are wired, so no Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay requirements, then the later streamer boards in the newer streams are not as important.
So I would go for a NDS/555DR on those two shelves.


Hi, read with interest your mention of Sonore UPnP bridge. Which model is this, regards JimH

Hi, I run the SonoreUPnP Bridge on an UltraRendu with an Uptone UltraCap LPS 1 PSU at the 7v, however this was to provide a USB solution, if required in the future.
I understand the dedicated hardware product from Small Green Computer works well, as does the Sonore MicroRendu.

Listening to it now, with Roon playing MQA tracks on my NDS!

Thanks for the info, this extends the life of NDS, NDX and ND5 XS without spending thousands on upgrading to the latest iterations , regards JimH

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Went for NDS with XPS DR, as funds at present would not run to a 555 PS.

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What does the NDS/XPSDR sound compared to the ND5XS/NP5XS?
Are you happy?

I had the legacy ND5-XS from when it came out. I thought it was OK, sounding pretty good. I didn’t listen to it much, preferring vinyl by a large margin.

I got a NDX2 mid-2018. There is no comparison at all. The NDX2 smokes the original ND5-XS. Like going from a Honda to a BMW. Adding a XPSDR knocked it out of the park into Porsche territory and beyond. I still prefer vinyl, but I listen to the NDX2 a lot.

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I think you’ll be very happy with the NDS. The NDX2 is a great unit, but cost-wise the NDS certainly makes sense right now. I picked up an NDS about a year back, and just love the thing. I also mostly listen to iradio, and just recently, Upnp as I’m in the process of ripping my collection.
I listen to some Tidal, but I’m finding the NDS makes the rips from my NAS sound a lot better than Tidal. We don’t get Qobuz in Canada, so again, I don’t need the new Naim digital tech that the NDX2 has yet.
But HH mentioned the higher Res iradio stations that the NDX2 can stream. That would be great, so when Qobuz is available, I’ll get an ND5 XS2 and run it thru the NDS. Best of both worlds.


Hi. Still running on the XP5XS at the moment, I have to wait 8 weeks for the XPS DR.
Even so the NDS sounds larger than life compared to the ND5XS. The soundstage is larger in all plains. There is more P.R.a.T.
I am not unhappy with it but having said all that the ND5XS and XP5XS is not a bad combo and I understand why it won awards at its price point when new.

My mine listening is vinyl too.
I have the NDS for the iradio and upnp for my 100 cds.