ND5XS 2 vs NDX 2 as Digital Source

Ah, the joy of internet forums. :relieved:


I believe that people are making suggestions based on experience of what kit we have had or heard at dealers.

Lots of differing advice. However, I believe all points are valid and will help the OP in demoing or purchasing some equipment.

Listening to everyone I think the point is the OP needs to listen to some different speakers.

If you go to a dealer again you will get opinion. Noone can be completely unbiased.


The streaming part is about half the area of the red zone.
The NDX2 is actually a DAC with a streaming board. :blush:

Doesn’t make any sense spending thousands on NDX2 and only using the streaming board.

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With you on that one Fatcat - nuts

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In which case a dedicated streaming transport might be an alternative.
Maybe like the Innous Pulse, which has a BNC digital out (SPDIF) and works well with the nDAC. In fact, it’s excellent.

Just saying…

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Whether you stay with nDAC or get the NDX2, in the end you’ll need the 555PS(DR).

It transforms both devices. We tried both combos.

NDX2 as a transport is very good, but with that level of digital source [ND5XS2/nDAC/555 or NDX2/555] you have other pressing upgrade requirements (SN split out to separate pre/power).

I personally wouldn’t expect a SQ improvement changing ND5XS2 for NDX2 as transport. But you do get a nice screen and a remote for system automation, which is quite handy.


Yes. I’m using a Primare NP5 MK2 with an ndac. Also sounds excellent.

It sits hidden away at back of the DAC along with a dedicated switch.


Not so sure. When I ran an ndac powered by NDX I could hear differences in the streamer setup, including whether the NDX was externally powered. In short I found the ndac super sensitive to changes in digital SPDIF signal quality.
So try before you commit, but with ATC speakers the ndac/555PS was sensitive. More so than other DACs I later used.
Remember the SPDIF signal is ultimately an analogue signal, framed into chunks of data. Although Naim streamers galvanically isolate their SPDIF output, as we know that affects only DC and very low frequency good loops. Higher frequency noise from the powersupply, clock modulation, digital SHARC processor will couple through the SPDIF coaxial signal and potentially into the DAC. More complete isolation would require TOSLInK.
Now I won’t say one SPDIF framing stream will be better ‘sq’ than another unless extreme circumstances, but may well affect balance of resultant audio. I believe some call this an ‘improvement’ when it matches their personal tastes better.


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