ND5XS and multiroom


I have a 2013 ND5XS with firmware updated years ago to allow Multiroom. The input option was initially available but, as I don’t have any other compatible Naim devices, I disabled the Multiroom input via the app. I’m now thinking of going down the Multiroom route, but when I reenable it it now doesn’t appear as an input option.

Has anyone with a ND5XS come across this ? All I can think of is that I might need to have another device (thinking of the Unit Atom) before I can see the input on the ND5XS…?


Is it a 24/192 model or the older 24/96 version. I don’t remember when this change came in, but the 24/96 models can’t do Tidal, Multiroom and a few other things without a hardware update.

I think it’s a 24/96 but not 100%. Do you know if there’s a way to find on the unit itself ?

I can do Tidal (and do :slight_smile: ) and f I go through the front panel I can search for rooms (none are found of course since I don’t have any).

Actually, I’m not sure if any ND5XS are old enough to be 24/96, but if yours plays Tidal, if must be 24/192, and should also work with Multiroom.

Do you mean that you can’t see Multiroom in the app input settings menu?

yes, that’s right. If I enable other inputs they appear immediately, but not multiroom

Is the Naim app up to date? You say you can see the Multiroom option on the front panel display, does anything change if you enable it?

I assume it’s up to date. Sorry, I should have been clearer - I can see the Multiroom input on both the app and the front panel. I can enable it using both, but after doing so it doesn’t appear on the list on inputs to choose from (whether from the app or the front panel).

I’d check that you are on the latest firmware. I had a similar issue with my UQ2 - it’s showed mulitroom as an option in the app, but the mulitroom box didn’t show up when playing a track. Discovered I didn’t have the lastest firmware, only the latest app version.

I’m on version 4.6 (April last year). I’ll upgrade to 4.7 at the weekend and see if that helps. Cheers, Steve

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Hmm, 4.6 should be fine for multi-room. Remember to run a factory re-set after the firmer upgrade. If it still doesn’t multi-room, try rebooting the app and router. Good luck.

There is no multiroom input to select on the app home page. You select a multoroon client by tapping the multiroom icon on the bottom R corner on the app. From memory, I don’t think this icon appears until the streamer has detected a multiroom client (i.e. another streamer with multiroom enabled.)
It’s perhaps a little confusing to call multiroom an input, as it is also an output!

I think that there was a dedicated Multiroom input on early s/w versions when the functionality was introduced.
It has since been dropped.
As ChrisSU says, use the icon on the now playing screen on the app.


You do enable/disable Multiroom on the old streamers via the input settings, in which it appears in the list of available inputs. This might be a little misleading, as a) you may be using it as an output on that device, and b) once enabled, it doesn’t appear in the list of inputs on the homepage, like most other inputs do.

Indeed, it does appear in the input list with enable/disable options. But I’m sure that it did appear as an input when cycled - i.e. Spotify - Tidal - Multiroom - etc.
Then it was dropped. Presumably because it was deemed superfluous.


I don’t recall ever seeing it listed as an input, but maybe it was before I ever used multiroom.
Back in the day, Naim produced a manual called the Multiroom Supplement, which was quite useful. Maybe time to update it?

It was there as an input before I disabled it so this all makes sense. Thanks for clarifying things, all I need now is another Naim device ! Cheers, Steve

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